Fortnite's competitive landscape changes with Majors and a new Global Championship

By Naman Alok | Jan 16, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


As Epic intends to restructure Fortnite Competitive this year, the esports scene for Fortnite will undergo a significant overhaul in 2023. A new invite and a new structure have been established around the regular Fortnite Majors. A $10 million prize pool is also promised by Epic for the upcoming Fortnite Champion Series. Taking the place of the FNCS, will revitalise competitive Fortnite and add some much-needed excitement. Fortnite’s competitive landscape changes with Majors and a new Global Championship

The Fortnite Championship Series

Fortnite esports has operated under a format where an FNCS or Fortnite Champion Series was hosted every season for the past few years, starting with the World Cup. Instead of an FNCS, an Invitational LAN was held at the end of the year. For high-level tournaments, though, that was about it.

Epic has promised a whole new format for the Fortnite Majors this year, which will change this. The FNCS is still in place, but it has been modified. There won’t only be sporadic tournaments without a connection. Instead, the Fortnite competitive season will consist of a single long competition that will culminate in a grand finale at the end of the year.

There will be Fortnite Champion Series Majors in place of the FNCS competitions. They’ll follow a comparable structure. But in order to participate in a brand-new LAN, the Fortnite Global Championship, participants will need to play them. With the new format, each Major will be significant, and as teams qualify for the new competition, we may actually see a meaningful sense of advancement throughout the year.

Brand-new Fortnite majors

With the new Fortnite Majors format, an FNCS Major will likely be held three times, most likely in the typical timeslots near the end of a Season. For the Fortnite Global Championship, each of them will pick who qualifies. Teams that do well will be given a spot. We’ll see 80 of the teams advance to the LAN across all three Majors. A few additional teams will be able to enter just in time for the Last Chance Major, which will come after this. Just 3 days have been set aside for the Last Chance Qualifier, which is one of 4 Fortnite Majors spread out over 5 weeks. For the duration of its five-week run, the FNCS Majors will replace the Elite Division Cups.

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A $2 million prize pool will be available for each Major. Even after securing their spot, there is still a good deal of incentive for players to compete. It’s a little unusual that the majors are set up this way. With each tournament being leaked and acting as a lead-up to the LAN, it departs from the traditional FNCS model and takes a more all-in approach.

Global Championship of Fortnite

The Fortnite Global Championship, a brand-new LAN, is what all of this year’s events will be leading up to. An actual LAN competition will be held for this. The top Fortnite gamers from throughout the world will be competing in this brand-new tournament. With an upper and lower bracket instead of simply a single lobby of players, the event will also have a new format. There is a $4,000,000 prize pool up for grabs, so there is enough to gain.

The largest event in Fortnite to take place since the World Cup is the Fortnite Global Championship. Things will intensify to a new degree after the Championship. They may be reconsidering their choice in light of Epic’s new esports commitment after a few teams recently left Fortnite, even dropping some of the most well-known players.

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