Fortnite X My Hero Academia – Four Crossover Skins and New Mythic

Fortnite X My Hero Academia latest anime crossover has hit the game with exclusive new skins and a new mythic weapon.

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Fortnite’s latest anime crossover has hit the game with exclusive new skins and a new mythic weapon. It is another crossover between a shōnen anime and manga series and a battle royale. Fortnite X is bringing some skins from the My Hero Academia show into the game. However, we’ve also got a powerful new Mythic in-game item. This crossover event is on a similar scale to this year’s Dragon Ball event. We may only be weeks into the new chapter, but we’ve got this crossover Winterfest, and a lot more to play with.If you need more information about Fortnite X My Hero Academia – Four Crossover Skins and New Mythic then read carefully and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Fortnite X My Hero Academia – Four Crossover Skins and New Mythic :

Skins is the main event for the Fortnite X My Hero Academia crossover. Like previous collaborations, getting them all is going to cost a decent amount of V-Bucks, but they’re some of the most creative skins in Fortnite. There are two bundles for Fortnite X My Hero Academia skins.The first bundle is for UA students. The main skin is Izuku Midoriya or Deku. He has his normal look with this skin and a powered-up version using the Forest for a full cowling. Her Back Bling is an All Might Toy that cheers on every hit, and her Harvesting Tool is made from her Black Vine Quick.

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This bundle also includes Bakugo who comes with a pickaxe and back bling style on his equipment. The last is Uraraka who similarly has had cosmetics themed with her.All Might is the second bundle. He also comes with a branded pick ax and a secondary skin. This second style is his powerless form, it comes with a gesture to switch between them so you get two skins in one.


Even if you don’t want to buy My Hero Academia skins, there’s still new content for you. Hero Training Gym is a new creative map that players can jump into at any time. This island code is at 6917-7775-5190.You can jump in there and get some Fortnite X My Hero Academia quests through. These give you some XP for getting the latest Battle Pass. However, they also have special free cosmetics as a reward for the quest.

  • Help eliminate opponents on the Hero Training Gym Island – get a Deku Spray
  • Secure save point on Hero Training Gym Island – plus get Ultra Spray
  • Complete all four questions in My Hero Academia – Deku’s Glove emoticon.
  • My Hero Academia Quests – Complete eight of U.A Cape Back Bling

The Hero training area is divided into two areas. It is based on the UA training facility used in several arcs of My Hero Academia.


Along with cosmetics, there is a new feature in-game in this crossover. In this week’s Fortnite V23.10 patch, Epic added in a brand new Mythic. This is Deku’s smash. Pliers can harness the power of the One For All Quick. They charge up with a brief animation before unleashing a full power smash. This is a physical attack that can do insane damage if you do it right.

Like the Kamehameha Mythic, it is limited to a few uses. Otherwise, it’s a bit much. They’re going to be relatively easy to find. You can get them from My Hero Academia Vending Machines and All Might Supply Drops. Players will probably be able to get them in most games if they want to. All Might Supply Drops is another new feature. These are supply drops branded with the face of the No. 1 hero!

Everything That’s Included in the Fortnite X My Hero Academia Crossover! With in-game unique content and some cool skins, this is one of Fortnite’s most fun crossovers yet. Even arriving shortly after Mr. Beast is introduced. There is a lot going on in the game right now.

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