Fortnite: Rumours of Jimmy Neutron skin in Fortnite do the rounds

Fortnite has worked with well-known characters from Rick and Morty, Marvel, and DC, and Epic Games has included obscure crossovers.

Fan made concept art of JImmy Netron in Fortnite. (Image: Twitter)

According to internet rumours, the boy genius Jimmy Neutron may be coming to Fortnite as a new character skin. Here’s the most up-to-date information on the game’s next possible crossover. Despite the fact that Jimmy Neutron has been off the air for the past 15 years, players believe he could be the next crossover character to join Fortnite. Characters from both big and small franchises can be found in Epic Games’ crossover catalogue.

Fortnite has worked with well-known characters from Rick and Morty, Marvel, and DC. However, Epic has included obscure crossovers such as Guggimon, Kelsier from the Mistborn novels, and Gildedguy. 

Will a Fortnite Jimmy Neutron skin be released?

For the time being, the short answer is no. According to current rumours, Jimmy Neutron will not be coming to Fortnite. That’s not to say a Fortnite Jimmy Neutron skin couldn’t be added in the future, and we’ll keep you updated if we learn anything new about a Fortnite Jimmy Neutron skin. However, the rumours that are currently circulating on the internet are fan-created ideas.

Jimmy Neutron skin rumours were started by Twitter user @StinkyBlueRat. Their tweet included a convincing image of Jimmy dressed as a Fortnite character. Thousands of retweets and replies quickly convinced people that the concept art for the Fortnite Jimmy Neutron skin was real. A reverse image search, however, reveals that the image first appeared on ArtStation over a year ago. Artist Nazar Noschenko created the Jimmy Neutron concept.

Sadly, despite the fantastic design, a Jimmy Neutron skin is not expected to be released anytime soon. Epic Games, on the other hand, may be planning a crossover with another off-air anime: Naruto. Perhaps more of our favourite childhood cartoons, such as a Jimmy Neutron skin, will be added to Fortnite in the future.

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