Fortnite: How to obtain the Ghost Rider skin in Fortnite

The Ghost Rider skin cannot be obtained through XP or challenges since Ghost Rider has his own Fortnite tournament called the Ghost Rider Cup.

Fortnite's Ghost Rider skin. (Image: Twitter/Fortnite)

Ghost Rider’s unlocking process differs from that of the other Marvel-themed skins. Ghost Rider cannot be obtained through XP or challenges. Ghost Rider has his own Fortnite tournament called the Ghost Rider Cup. If they want to play as the man with the flaming skull, they must fight and win. Ghost Rider, unlike many other Marvel heroes and villains, cannot be unlocked through Battle Pass tiers or by completing challenges. Initially, the only way to obtain the skin was to compete in the Ghost Rider Cup.

The Ghost Rider Cup is part of a new tournament series centred on the limited-time Marvel Knockout mode (LTM). This game mode employs a distinct set of rules and settings that involve the use of Chapter 2 – Season 4 Mythic abilities. But it doesn’t stop there. To unlock the Legendary skin, players must not only participate in the Ghost Rider Cup, but also place within a certain threshold in the standings. The following are the required placements:

Europe – Top 800

NA East – Top 500

NA West – Top 200

Brazil – Top 200

Asia – Top 100

Oceania – Top 100

Middle East – Top 100


Players who are unwilling or unable to compete in the Ghost Rider Cup should not be concerned. Winning the Ghost Rider Cup isn’t the only way to get the Ghost Rider skin. Following the completion of the Ghost Rider Cup, Ghost Rider will be available in the Item Shop.

The skin will be available in the Item Shop after the tournament concludes. In Daredevil’s case, the skin was only three days later added to the Item Shop. There is no set release date as of yet, but Ghost Rider should be available in the Item Shop in the coming weeks. Until then, Ghost Rider will only be available to Ghost Rider Cup champions.


Ghost Rider will most likely cost 1,500 V-Bucks based on Fortnite’s Item Shop history. Daredevil, another Marvel Knockout Super Series skin, was released for the same price in the Item Shop. Epic Games follows the same pattern and keeps its prices consistent. Ghost Rider is unlikely to cost any more or less V-Bucks. Given the high quality of the skin and the rich history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this appears to be a good deal.

Ghost Rider fans who consider this skin a must-have should plan ahead of time to ensure they don’t miss out on the chance to own the man fused with hellfire. Following the conclusion of the Ghost Rider Cup, have the V-Bucks ready and waiting on your account. Also, make it a habit to log in and check the Item Shop every day. Otherwise, players risk missing out on Ghost Rider while he’s on the market.

Ghost Rider, in the worst-case scenario, will most likely return later in the season. Epic Games would be squandering money if they chose to lock these skins away after only one appearance. The supernatural hero is almost certainly going to return. Epic Games may even throw Ghost Rider in with a slew of other Marvel icons near the end of the season, such as Captain America or the Silver Surfer. It’s something we’ve seen before.

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