Fortnite Gun Game Codes for November

Most of the time, this mode has syphon turned on, thus every elimination restores your health.

Fortnite has been one of the most popular PC games (Image: Fortnite Twitter)

If you’re familiar with shooter games, you’ve almost certainly played Gun Game. This mode of play puts your skill to master a variety of weapons to the test, and it’s currently available in Fortnite. You start with one gun in a set, and if you get an elimination with it, you will immediately be given the next gun. Most of the time, this mode has syphon turned on, thus every elimination restores your health. To win, you’ll need to keep getting eliminations until you’ve cycled through all of the guns in the set. This is a wonderful mode to play if you don’t like building in Fortnite because you won’t have to worry about harvesting or protecting yourself with structures.

Now that you’ve hopefully convinced yourself that this is the mode for you, you’re probably wondering: which is the finest gun game map to play? So you don’t have to sift through a bunch to figure out which ones are good and which aren’t, we’ve compiled a list of great ones for you to try!

The greatest Fortnite Gun Game Codes are listed below:

  • 5918-7034-6151 Time Twist Gun Game
  • 8169-7821-3985 Zoo Gun Game
  • 6821-7528-4726 (First Person Gun Game)
  • 0058-1374-3994 Jduth’s One Shot Gun Game
  • Remake of Terminal MW2: 4340-5772-0250
  • 3246-2759-9251 GUNGAME: Mars
  • 7101-2798-6542 Rift Jumpers
  • 5719-7469-6732 The Underworld
  • 3300-7669-9591 Bikini Bottom
  • 4570-7675-6600 (Odyssey III)

Most popular gun games in Fortnite

Time Twist Gun Game

Time Twist is a map that supports a variety of game variants, but its main game is based on the Gun Game mechanic. The twist in Time Twist is that you can shift between different realities during the match, allowing you to flee if you’re under fire or surprise unsuspecting opponents. Players can use their Rift-to-Go! to swiftly switch between standard and altered physics, similar to the mechanics introduced in Chapter 2 Season 8.

Code: 5918-7034-6151

Zoo Gun Game

For every Gun Game enthusiast, this is a thrilling theme! On this map, you are placed in a Zoo and must fight your way up the ranks as various animal classes. Each animal class has its own set of benefits, so as you go through the gun roster, you’ll need to switch up your playstyle! Even those who are sick of the Gun Game mechanism will enjoy this new take on the original mod!

8169-7821-3985 is the code.

First Person Gun Game

Everyone enjoys a good old-fashioned gunfight, but what if there was a twist? We’re all aware that Fortnite is played in third person, but have you ever tried it in first person? Why don’t you try a first-person Gun Game? The player who gets to 25 first wins!

Code: 6821-7528-4726

Jduth’s One Shot Gun Game

This one is easy to understand but difficult to master. It’s a standard Free For All Gun Game with a twist. Every weapon is capable of killing in a single shot. One errant bullet is all it takes to kill someone. The player who scores 15 kills first wins!

Code: 0058-1374-3994

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