Fortnite battle pass is coming soon! See details

By Tanisha Wankhade | Sep 24, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Fortnite is a game with weapons on the back and eye on the enemy. It is a huge platform to explore and get yourself entertained with the massive strategies. Fortnite is up with many updates on a frequent basis. This has made the players more excited and close to the game. Now the developers are set to launch the Battle Pass. It is a seasonal cosmetic item here in Fortnite. This is the best opportunity for the users as they get 100 rewards. And this is in exchange for the Season XP. Fortnite battle pass is coming soon! See details. Here in the Bate Pass the players witness two versions.

  • Paid 
  • Free

Remember : The player will get less rewards but V-Bucks costs nothing. 

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For the re-establish length of time that is known as a Season, the players will be rewarded for it. And this was implemented by the Battle Pass in Battle Royale. In season 1 the Battle Pass has its origins in the progression system. In the next Battle Pass, the players can opt it for Free under the “Free Pass” And as discussed above. There are two ways to use the Battle Pass, and each one of them has its benefits. The players are free to choose it. 

In the Battle Pass the repeated content can be seen in Season 3. Also the Chapter 2 Season 1 and Battle Pass are integrated for the better experience. The players get more opportunities to explore and this is the right platform that developers offers. In the Battle Pass the few aspects are free. And Free Battle Pass owers won’t go past level 100. 

  • The current costs of Battle Pass is 950 V-bucks icon.png in the Chapter 2 Season 6 V-Bucks 
  • Remember there is no such premium option here in the Battle Pass called ” Battle Bundle” and this will offer a player with 25 level head-start and V-bucks icon.png is 2,800. 
  • Players can also purchase tiers for Battle pass and the amount for it is 150 V-bucks icon.png (V-Bucks).

By buying the Monthly Crew Pack the players can get Free Battle Pass. The players will be hand over 950 V-bucks of they own the Battle Pass for this current season. icon.png V-Bucks instead. Get each details about the game and play efficiently. Before stepping into the game the players must know about the each detail as it will help them while playing game.

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