Former G2 Esports CEO Carlos Rodrguez continues to support Andrew Tate as Valorant introduces improved smurf account detection

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The number of “smurfs” in Valorant is something Riot Games wants to lower. Smurfs are seasoned players who make new, lower-ranked accounts to play with their friends who are also of a lower level or to match against opponents with less skill. The topic was covered by insights manager Brian Chang in a recent blog post for the Valorant Systems Health Series. Creating new accounts to play with their buddies who are lower ranked is perfectly acceptable for experienced players, however, the problem is in playing against opponents who are less talented. Chang claims that even then, making new accounts to play with pals is not the best option. Smurfing can have nefarious purposes, such as spreading Valorant accounts or purposefully lowering an account’s Matchmaking Rating (MMR).

About Former G2 Esports CEO Carlos Rodrguez

These are frequently linked to actions that can get you banned from the game and breach the terms of service. Smurfs can cause unfair matchmaking and interfere with gameplay, as Chang also emphasised. Smurfs are the topic that players bring up the most often when polled. The automated smurf detection system was put to the test by the data operations team in the North American region to reduce the number of smurfs in Valorant. When a team wins a game by a big margin, such as eight or more rounds, the term “stomp” is used. According to the blog article, around 1 in 3 games ended in a stomp before any adjustments to the Smurf Detection were made. The modifications were made in order to lower the proportion of smurf-themed games that ended in stomps. It’s important to remember that stomp scenarios cannot be entirely eliminated from the game. A stomp can occur when one team is much better than the other at the game or when one person has a very strong or weak performance. The test revealed that 50% of the smurfs that were discovered and whose MMR was modified were within 1% of the desired stomp rate. The combination of these factors indicates that these accounts did not significantly outperform their rivals. 25% of their matches were still being trodden on by the remaining 50% of detected smurfs. On the basis of these findings, Riot carried out additional tests and trials throughout the year and discovered that smurfs were settling in their proper MMR in as few as four matches. The Smurf Detection System’s second iteration will be in operation in 2019.

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Carlos Ocelote “strongly supports” Andrew Tate

The former CEO and founder of G2 Esports, Carlos “Ocelote” Rodrguez, has increased his support for Andrew Tate. Tate is renowned for endorsing poisonous behaviour and violence towards women. Rodrguez previously faced criticism for his adoration of Tate, which resulted in his resignation from G2 Esports.

Rodrguez released a video of himself having a good time with Tate back in September 2022. G2 Esports and Rodriguez then apologised as a result, albeit he later withdrew the statement. Additionally, G2 lost a partnership slot in the forthcoming Valorous Champions Tour 2023 season as a result of the event.

Rodrguez was additionally barred from the Riot esports community. For Rodrguez to be able to return to the ecosystem, Riot mandated that he finish executive and sensitivity training by February 11, 2023. However, he does not appear eager to do that based on his most recent comments.

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