Five amazing weapons to ace Season 6 of Fortnite

These weapons give players a tactical advantage that can easily lead to an easy victory in Fortnite.

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By Aaryanshi Mohan | Mar 23, 2021 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Fortnite weapons: Fortnite Season 6 has just about started and players are beginning to get acquainted with top-tier weapons. Owing to the kind of damage these weapons give out, these weapons are a must find since they are nothing short of gameplay enhancers.

Barring one weapon, most of the weapons can be found in the drops. However, players should know one of the most essential skills in the game, which is called crafting. 

Fortnite Weapons for Season 6

Mechanical Shockwave Bow

Mechanical Shockwave Bow is a newly added weapon that was Fortnite in Season 6. Mechanical Bow and Shockwave Grenade together make the Mechanical Shockwave Bow. These arrows act as pinpoint shockwave grenades. 

The arrows can also penetrate through the weaker walls, making it ideal for attacking those hiding behind walls. During a building battle, this weapon can become immensely beneficial.

Rocket Launcher

Fortnite Season 6 sees the return of rocket launchers. The lower tiers of this weapon don’t cause much damage but the upgraded versions are as lethal as they can be– can eliminate a shieldless player in a single shot.

Pump Shotgun

Pump weapons, especially shotguns are considered as one of the most effective weapons in every season. While this shotgun still remains one of the most used weapons in the games, it is now a second choice after being overshadowed by the Mythic Shotgun.

The Pump Shotgun is as brutal as its gets– 100 damage per shot if accurate enough.


The SCAR has been called one of the best weapon in the game. Since the rifle deals 35 damage to the body, it can easily become one of the best weapons during the end-gmes.

Landing six shots on a player with full health and a shield is more than enough to eliminate a player. With 30 rounds in a magazine, five enemies can be easily killed without the need to reload.

Mythic Shotgun

The shotgun that makes its debut in the Fortnite Season 6 is one of the most broken weapons in the game. This shotgun deals damage of 70 per hit, meaning that an enemy player with full health and shield can be eliminated in just 3 hits. 

The Mythic Primal Shotgun has the same magazine capacity as a pistol and fires just as quickly. Up to three opponents can be eliminated before the gun goes on a reload.