FIFA Future Stars Challenge: How to complete the challenge?

FIFA 22 has rolled out the seventh release of the Future Stars Challenge series.

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FIFA 22 has rolled out the seventh release of the Future Stars Challenge series, and players can now avail the Future Stars Challenge 7 SBC for completion. The promo of the challenge features the best players from the football world who have a unique card in the game.

The cards have huge upgrades over their base variants and have been released in two teams and players item SBCs. The cards released as part of the teams are available in all packs. One of the best things for players is to open as many packs as they can because most packs give a chance to contain a Future Stars card.

Tasks of the SBC

  • Same League Count: Maximum 7
  • Same Nation Count: Maximum 3
  • Rare: Minimum 1
  • Squad Rating: Minimum 75
  • Team Chemistry: Minimum 85
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

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The cost of completion of SBC ranges from 5,500-6,500 coins based on the platform of the player. There are many ways to complete the Future Stars Challenge 7 SBC. Players should focus on doing it so that fodder can come in handy as much as possible.

The Future Stars Challenge 7 SBC is available in the game for 2 days, similar to the previous ones. It’s a non-repeatable SBC, so players will only be able to do it once.

How is Future Stars Challenge 7 SBC?

Once completed, this SBC will reward players with one Rare Electrum Players Pack. Based on the available rewards, these are the average available rewards so far. The required investment is decent when compared to the potential rewards, and players should try it out.

Besides, there’s an added incentive to receive a bonus Future Stars swaps token which can be redeemed in the game. There are many valuable rewards, such as guaranteed Future Stars items. Hence, FIFA 22 players have two great reasons to complete the Future Stars Challenge 7 SBC.

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