FaZe Clan and LA Galaxy will collaborate to announce the Roster for eMLS Season and EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 Global Series 2023

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FaZe Clan is a digital-native lifestyle and media platform rooted in gaming and youth culture, reimagining traditional entertainment for the next generation. Founded in 2010 by a group of kids on the internet, FaZe Clan was created for and by Gen Z and Millennials, and today operates across multiple verticals with transformative content, tier-one brand partnerships, a collective of notable talent, and fashion and consumer products. Reaching over 500 million followers across social platforms globally, FaZe Clan delivers a wide variety of entertainment spanning video blogs, lifestyle and branded content, gaming highlights and live streams of highly competitive gaming tournaments. FaZe Clan’s roster of more than 100 influential personalities consists of engaging content creators, esports professionals, world-class gamers and a mix of talent who go beyond the world of gaming, including NFL star Kyler “FaZe K1” Murray, Lebron “FaZe Bronny” James Jr., Lil Yachty aka “FaZe Boat”, Offset aka “FaZe Offset” and Snoop Dogg aka “FaZe Snoop.” Its gaming division includes 12 competitive esports teams who have won 35 world championships. This communication is neither incorporated into nor part of, this communication. For more information, visit, and and follow FaZe Clan on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch.

About eMLS: 

eMLS is the esports and gaming property of Major League Soccer. Built around the EA SPORTS™ FIFA franchise, its goal is to utilize gaming to reach global audiences, raise the profile of MLS, and grow its next generation of fans. eMLS has grown from 19 MLS clubs in 2018 to 26 clubs participating in the upcoming 2023 season. For more information, visit

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Detail about the collaboration of FaZe Clan and LA Galaxy

On Dec. 7, 2022, in LOS ANGELES – The LA Galaxy announced that the club has partnered with FaZe Clan, the lifestyle and media platform rooted in gaming and youth culture, to build out its roster for the upcoming 2023 eMLS season and EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 Global Series. In addition to the competition in the FIFA space, the two global brands will look to expand their relationship across retail collaborations, events and community giveback in Latin American communities and their local Los Angeles markets.

The 2023 LA Galaxy eMLS and EA SPORTS FIFA 23 Global Series roster includes FaZe Clan esports experts Rodrigo Ulibrri aka UL1BARRI, Javier Alvarez aka Voncita and Luis Fernando Villanueva aka VillaMore3 Alvarez and Villanueva will represent their countries Costa Rica and Mexico respectively in the international gaming tournament. Ulibarri will train and mentor Álvarez and Villanueva, and create evergreen video content for FaZe Clan and LA Galaxy.

“We are excited to do something of this magnitude with LA Galaxy and have the opportunity to call upon UL1BARRI, Voncita and VillaMore3 to build what is undoubtedly an unstoppable eMLS and FIFAe team,” said Erik Anderson, FaZe Clan`s says eSports Management.

FaZe Clan’s partnership with LA Galaxy marks the organization’s exciting return to the EA SPORTS™ FIFA title. The recruitment of UL1BARRI, Voncita and VillaMore3 to form Galaxy starting with the eMLS 2023 and EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 Global Series season will provide an exciting expansion to Latin American audiences and reach these communities in ways new.

Álvarez, born and raised in San Jose, Costa Rica, became the first player from Central America and the only player to date to qualify for the FIFAe World Cup in 2016. Last season, Álvarez led the Costa Rica National Team to the finish line in third place in the eNations Series qualifiers

Villanueva, a native of Monterrey, Mexico, has been a steady force for the Mexican national team since his debut in 2018. Along the way, he broke into the top eight at the FIFA eNations World Cup, winning one number of domestic tournaments and finishing their FIFA `22 as the LatAm North champions in the final qualifying round of the season. In 2019, he reached the top 16 of the FUT Champions Cup, knocking out the then-world champion on the Swiss stage.

Hailing from Mexico City, Mexico, Ulibarri is a multi-country champion who has represented Mexico in five World Cups and once on the world podium. Since 2018, he’s been an analyst for ESPN eSports.

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