Fastest centre-back in newly launched FIFA 22

While full-backs are the obvious pick for high-speed defenders, FIFA 22 appears to have a plethora of quick-thinking center-backs.

Jeremiah St. Juste has created FIFA Ultimate Team. (Credits: EA)

FIFA 22 gamers will have access to a large number of fast-paced center-backs (CBs) to design their Ultimate Team this year. Jeremiah St. Juste, who has a pace rating of 91, is the fastest of the bunch.

While full-backs are the obvious pick for high-speed defenders, FIFA 22 appears to have a plethora of quick-thinking center-backs. Jeremiah St. Juste’s statistics in the game are examined in this article.

“Fifa 22 offers millions of fans around the world an unprecedented opportunity to engage with the sport they love,” said Nick Wlodyka, general manager of EA Sports Fifa. “Each player has their own way of experiencing FIFA, but on-pitch gameplay is the unifying constant, so we’re excited to offer deep innovation there. HyperMotion elevates that even further on next-gen consoles and Stadia and completely changes the feel of the game.”

fastest CB in FIFA 22

Jeremiah St. Juste has created FIFA Ultimate Team history by becoming the fastest center-back defender of all time. Acceleration and Sprint Speed determine the pace in FIFA. The following are the stats for St. Juste’s Pace:

Pace – 91

  • Acceleration – 87
  • Sprint Speed – 94

With a Pace rating of 90 or higher, he’s on par with strikers and midfielders. High Acceleration and Sprint Speed ratings are desirable in defenders, however they are not commonly seen. It means that the defender will be able to cover more ground on the field.

Jeremiah St. Juste’s complete stats (excluding Pace):

Shooting – 58

  • Positioning – 64
  • Finishing – 59
  • Shot Power – 66
  • Long Shots – 48
  • Volleys – 48
  • Penalties – 59

Passing – 66

  • Vision – 62
  • Crossing – 64
  • Free Kick – 37
  • Short Passing – 75
  • Long Passing – 71
  • Curve – 36

Dribbling – 74

  • Agility – 76
  • Balance – 66
  • Reactions – 75
  • Ball Control – 73
  • Dribbling – 75
  • Composure – 68

Defense – 78

  • Interceptions – 80
  • Heading – 69
  • Defensive Awareness – 79
  • Standing Tackle – 78
  • Sliding Tackle – 76

Physical – 73

  • Jumping – 85
  • Stamina – 76
  • Strength – 71
  • Aggression – 70

As can be seen from the above rankings, St. Juste excels in every area where defenders should be strong. For a center-back, his passing is quite good, with both short and long passing above 70. With strong interception, defensive awareness, and tackle ratings, the defence is outstanding.

St. Juste’s strength and aggression are his weaknesses, despite his excellent jumping and stamina. These aren’t horrible reviews, but they could have been better. As a result, being paired with a CB with a high Physical rating would be advantageous.

Jeremiah St. Juste is a Dutch footballer who now plays for FSV Mainz 05. He is 24 years old.

What’s in FIFA 22?

Developer EA has announced a slew of new features for the latest iteration. However, some fans simply cannot wait until October. Thankfully for them, there are a few ways to play the game sooner. Here’s what the eager gamers should know.

The first way to get Fifa 22 early is to sign up for EA Play, which will give users a 10-hour play trial of the full game starting on Wednesday, September 22. It will also give fans access to monthly rewards like Ultimate Team season XP boosts and Ultimate Team stadium customization names. One can sign up for EA Play by searching for it in the PlayStation or Xbox Store, or by using Steam on a PC.

There is currently no Fifa 22 demo available, and nothing has been announced. On Tuesday, EA’s Twitter account responded to a question about a demo, saying, “There has not been any official announcement about a demo release at this stage, so I would advise you to keep an eye on the official Twitter account for the game for any updates or announcements as we get closer to the game release.”

Fifa 21 did not have a demo either. “Instead, we’ve made the decision to focus our development team’s time on delivering the best full game experience,” EA stated last year. This year, a demo appears unlikely.

FIFA 22: “The Challenger” SBC guide

Main Section: League and Nation Hybrid

Challenge Requirements:

  • Exactly 2 nationalities in the squad
  • Exactly 3 leagues in the squad
  • Only a maximum of 6 players can be present from the same nation
  • A maximum of 6 players can be present from the same league
  • Exactly gold players
  • Exactly 100 team chemistry

The challenger SBC appears intimidating at first, but it is easily broken down. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to complete this SBC, and the vibrant FIFA 22 community has already come up with a number of them.

Most awaited players

Kylian Mbappe headlines the list of fastest players in FIFA 22, and the Paris Saint-Germain star also features in this year’s list of five-star skillers.

Mbappe is placed as the fastest player in the newest version of the game, while he’s also among a list of nine players with the highest level of skill moves in the game.

Cover star Mbappe finds himself as the fastest player in the game, checking in with a blistering 97 pace rating. Just behind him are Wolves star Traore and Bayern Munich speedster Davies at 96, while James, Hakimi and Vinicius have all been given 95 pace.

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