Explanation of One Piece Manga : Chapter 1071

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Eiichiro Oda is the author of the popular Japanese comic series One Piece. One of the most well-known manga is “One Piece” by Eiichiro Oda. Since July 1997, it has been serialised in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. Monkey D. Luffy, a young boy whose accidental eating of a Devil Fruit transformed him into rubber, serves as the story’s main character. On January 7 , One Piece’s Chapter 1071, the most recent and exciting chapter, will be released. Explanation of One Piece Manga : Chapter 1071

Chapter 1071 of One Piece Manga Series: “The Hero Deploys”

Bartholomew Kuma reaches the Red Port at the end of the Red Line, his final stop (albeit he does crash). After fleeing Mary Geoise, everyone reacts in confusion as to why he has returned, but as soon as he stands up, they all begin to run away from him. He is confronted by the Marines because it is unclear what his current programming and goals are.

Rob Lucci claims that the Frontier Dome is a major nuisance to him in Egghead, despite having instructed the soldiers and Seraphim to cut off all potential escape routes. As he refuses to recognise Luffy as an Emperor, Lucci responds to Stussy’s question about if he’s serious about disobeying the Marine’s command to wait for assistance. While in Labophase, Shaka remarks that CP0 is closing all doors and has probably scuttled any ship they could utilise as a means of escape. However, Lilith is excited with the idea of retaliating and exacting revenge on Atlas, but Pythagoras forbids her from doing so. Shaka concurs, expressing his hope that it won’t be another “brainless attack.”Shaka also hopes that there won’t be another “brainless attack,” which is in agreement.

Shaka responds to Lilith’s question about why they can’t fight back by explaining that their major goal is to make sure that Dr. Vegapunk, who is the main body, escapes unhurt. As a result, he sees Lilith heading off on her own as causing more problems than she already is, and he sees himself and the other Satellites as being expendable (though Vegapunk appears to disagree with him). Pythagoras informs them that they still have one more ally on the island as Vegapunk apologises to Sentomaru for what transpired to him. Edison argues against it since calling that ally would leave them with nowhere to run if they find themselves in the sights of the World Government. However, when the ally answers the phone, they say they will assist because they have been waiting for this.

However, when Vegapunk calls the allies, they answer that they will help because they have been anticipating this moment. In response to Edison’s statement that escape should be simple at this point, Lilith offers to take everyone to the port in the Vegaforce-01. With conflicting reactions from the crew, Vegapunk then turns to the Straw Hats (who he has now released) and requests that they take all seven of them to the Thousand Sunny.

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Luffy and Chopper are chasing Jewelry Bonney, who believes Vegapunk intentionally used bugs on her, while they are in the interior of the facility. As soon as he hears a noise, Luffy tries to stop her because he pledged to assist Vegapunk in making a safe getaway. The Frontier Dome’s defences have been disabled for some reason. Amane Dachi is halted by Zoro, who awakens from his hibernation in retaliation. CP0 takes advantage of this sudden malfunction and infiltrates Labophase. 

After spotting the Thousand Sunny, Kaku attempts to destroy it with Rankyaku. Just as the Satellites turn on the Frontier Dome, Kaku is startled to see his old foe once more. However, they quickly understand that it is too late to keep CP0 out.They also realise that if they don’t act, they might lose their means of transportation off the island, which could force them to engage in combat.

Eventually, Luffy, Chopper, and Jinbe meet up with the rest of the crew, where Luffy discovers that they are about to go. When he inquires about Bonney, Robin notices that Dr. Vegapunk has vanished. It comes out that Vegapunk, who is being pursued by Bonney, begs her to pay attention to what he has to say. Bonney declines and asks Vegapunk if he can change Kuma back to how he was. Vegapunk acknowledges that it is difficult to do so, but he also explains why.

The Kid Pirates are approaching Elbaf somewhere in the New World, and Doll is telling Monkey D. Garp at G-14 Marine HQ that she cannot afford to spare any of her men, especially since he intends to fight Blackbeard. She asks if he cleared his mission with the brass, and Garp encourages her not to be so rigid as he replies, much to her dismay, that he did not. He nonetheless declares that he has already arrived at the base before calling Helmeppo. The latter informs Garp that Koby has been abducted and how helpless he feels that he was unable to stop it, but Garp urges him to join him in his attack on Hachinosu in an effort to free him.

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