Explanation of Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 117

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Tatsuki Fujimoto is the author of the anime series Chainsaw Man Manga. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s “Chainsaw Man” is currently one of the most well-known manga. Since July 3rd, 2018, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. It is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto. The story follows a young man named Denji, who has the ability to merge with and control devil hunters called Chainsaw Man. Together, they fight against evil spirits and devils. The series has been well-received for its unique blend of horror, action, and supernatural elements, as well as its exploration of themes like power, corruption, and sacrifice. He has become the Chainsaw Man. This series has recently begun to gain a lot of popularity. Explanation of Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 117

Chapter 117 of Chainsaw Man Manga: Penguin and Weapon

Denji realises that he is allowing himself to mindlessly obey someone else once more because Asa claimed she would fulfil any request while he waits for her to finish her plan. Before he could consider it any further, he looks up and sees a Gentoo penguin standing in front of him. Asa’s agreement takes effect as he lifts it up, turning the entire structure into a spear and exposing the Devil who had caught them in the open. The devil then curses at Fami, telling her that Asa’s actions weren’t covered by the agreement they made, mocking Asa for even considering that one million yen would be close to enough to purchase an aquarium.

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The devil’s arm, however, gets grabbed by a tentacle before they can attack Asa, and Yoshida makes the jesting remark that the devil helped him appreciate life more. Asa feels guilty for destroying the aquarium, says Yoru as she gets control of his body. When she thrusts the spear into the devil’s chest, it impaled him in one motion and exploded, liberating all the aquatic life that had been imprisoned there. While Denji is preoccupied playing with the penguin and is unaware of Asa’s deeds, the other members of the Devil Hunter Club are stunned, with Haruka speculating aloud as to who Asa really is. From a nearby rooftop, Fami is seen observing the action and comments that she needs to try another approach. Yoshida can detect things.

The members of the Devil Hunter Club are then seen discussing the situation with some suited individuals as a survivor from the aquarium staff takes Denji’s penguin, much to his dismay. Asa complains about how poorly the date went as he leads him home. There was at least some good to come out of it, according to Denji, since he was able to touch a penguin. He asks her out on another date, reminding her that she pledged to fulfil any requests, and claims that because he is more experienced than her, he can show her how to have more fun. Asa nods in agreement, and Denji reciprocates by making a peace sign.

To Asa’s shame and her irritation, Yoru shows up and claims that since the two of them share a brain, they are experiencing the same sensation, love. Yoru however determines that they must forward with the plan, seizing control of them before attempting to transform Denji into a spinal cord sword similar to how she did with their previous teacher.

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