Explanation of Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 116

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Tatsuki Fujimoto is the author of the anime series Chainsaw Man Manga. Tatsuki Fujimoto’s “Chainsaw Man” is currently one of the most well-known manga. Since July 3rd, 2018, it has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump. Denji, a Boy who was reborn as an odd Devil-Human hybrid, is the story’s main character. He has become the Chainsaw Man. This series has recently begun to gain a lot of popularity.

Chapter 116 of Chainsaw Man Manga: Taste of Starfish

Asa informs them that the majority of the aquarium’s starfish are not edible while Kobeni’s brother observes them and queries Denji about the seriousness of his plan. She concedes when Denji explains that this is her only choice because she can’t eat fish. Asa points out that raw starfish must be boiled because they are poisonous. Denji shows her a saucepan he discovered and explains that they now have a source of heat to boil them because he stole Kobeni’s brother’s lighter. He then walks her back to the common area.

Asa points out that there are many school caps lying about as they eat, and Denji replies that he had intended to sell them. Denji responds that he is accumulating money for college tuition for a “kind of buddy, sort of little sister” who lives with him, saying that since he never had a regular life, he wanted her to grow up having one after Asa questions why he appears so fixated with money. His comments appear to have touched Asa, as the two begin to consume the starfish. 

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Although Asa finishes hers and claims that it isn’t enough to satisfy her hunger, Denji finds the flavor repulsive. When she sees the fish that Denji was salting, she asks if she can try one, much to his surprise. Denji laughs out loud when Asa immediately gags, claiming that despite the fact that he finds her to be utterly boring, he enjoys being around her.

She asks him to clarify what he said since she is inspired, and Denji responds that her newfound assertiveness reminds him of an old acquaintance. Asa deduces a route out of the aquarium by looking at the hats: by collecting as much cash as they can. They succeed in making a total of one million yen only by moving through the hallway. When Asa urges Denji to give it to him, he initially refuses, but when she promises him anything he desires in exchange, he caves. Asa uses the million yen to “purchase” the aquarium so she may transform it into a spear, recalling what Yoru said about how her powers operate and what constitutes “owning” anything.

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