Everything you need to know about Valorant Ascension League

By Tanisha Wankhade | Dec 26, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


With the launch of the VCT structure and the Ascension League, Riot Games radically modified the Valorant competitive event. Nonetheless, the company’s fresh franchise system has modified which associations are able to play against in the game starting in 2023, even though the event’s otherwise friendly format. Everything you need to know about Valorant Ascension League.

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With respect to the VCT, the championship will have 30 teams depicting three distinct zones. Others from these regions will join in regional competitions to receive a berth in the Valorant Ascension League.

The inaugural league for these squads will be the Challengers league, which will be halved in half. Every of the 21 Challengers leagues will have two splits containing of numerous weeks of regular season play. Only the best Challengers teams will progress to the next session, Ascension.

There will be 3 distinct regions in Challengers Ascension: the Americas, Europe, and the Pacific. One team from each of those regions will progress to play in the international association for their country when the Challengers Ascension tournament ends.

The worldwide league is anticipated to slowly include teams starting in 2024. The international league by the year 2027, will be a total of 42 teams. As of the year 2026, we’ll be endorsing two leagues yearly rather of one to the top international leagues.

That implies that until the year 2026, one domestic team will be endorsed to the top phase of game abroad every year. Beginning in 2027, the league will add two teams each year until it attains its utmost of 14 teams. 

Riot’s in-game competition have, open capability Challengers events, Challengers Ascension, and the worldwide association will make competitive VALORANT esports fascinating.

The entrance is still broad available for any VALORANT gamer who has sights set on the very biggest phases of VCT tournament. Riot is executing a fresh type of in-game event that gets on beyond ranked play; this competition will have an immediate connection to VCT and will probably serve as a direct qualifier for the Champions competition. 

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