Esports Premier League 2021 hits 1 million registrations

India’s first-ever franchise-based Esports league for Free Fire, ESPL, is preparing for the second level of the tournament.

The registrations for the event went live on June 16, 2021. (Image Credit: ESPL)

The inaugural edition of the nation-wide Esports league, Esports Premier League (ESPL) 2021 has witnessed an unprecedented response among the gaming community. The event has witnessed a massive 1 million registrations, following the conclusion of the last user registration phase. The registrations for the event went live on June 16, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, season 1 of the league is being hosted virtually for two and a half months. ESPL is preparing for the second level of the tournament. Out of the more than 1 million registered users, about the top 400 players from 88 teams will move to Level 2, where the top 8 invited teams of India join the mix. This will take the total number of teams to 96 teams. The teams will be then divided into 8 groups of 12 each to compete for the top 8 spots. The top 8 teams will represent the 8 regions of ESPL including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and the states of Punjab, and Rajasthan.

“Astounding figures validate our position”

“The astounding figures we have for the registration numbers of ESPL 2021 itself validate our position in the Esports sector. We are extremely happy by this overwhelming response to the inaugural edition of India’s first-ever franchise-based Esports league. What these amazing numbers tell us is that Esports is set to create history in India, both in terms of its growth as well as the interest, it is rapidly garnering among India’s youth. Competitive Esports events like the ESPL are setting the bar very high and propelling the industry to greater heights. The second phase of the league has all the action and current scenario working as a catalyst for our league, so be assured of a rocking & entertaining season,” said Vishwalok Nath, Director, ESPL.

India’s first-ever franchise-based Esports league for Free Fire

ESPL represents India’s first-ever franchise-based Esports league for Free Fire. At the end of level 2, the tournament will have the best Free Fire teams from India. The scale of the tournament highlights ESPL 2021 as the platform for all the Free Fire players to showcase their skills. Most of the gamers signed up to take part in the tournament in the last few days of the registration phase. The prize money for ESPL 2021 is a whopping INR 25 lakh. In the initial phase itself, the league has managed to create a strong buzz and catch the attention of gamers with its high-octane and nail-biting matches in the game Free Fire. The tournament is streaming on multiple platforms including OTT giant Disney+ Hotstar, Free Fire official streaming platform Booyah, Malayalam OTT platform Koode. At the same time, there are certain rules involved.

Organisers hold the right to edit any player or team names or logos if found breaking the following rules: Resemblance or is identical to any brand or trademark that they don’t own, protection by third-party rights with no written permission to use it.

Esports/Video Games is a versatile industry and there is a huge scope for professional gamers as well as other jobs like casters, commentators, and other support staffs appointed by esports tournaments like producers, editors, analysts, product managers, game testers, referees, production crew members, event managers, social media managers, etc.

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