Esports needs backing like sports, says Shivam Rao, Co-founder, Trinity Gaming

e gender-neutral characteristic of Esports with no requirement of an extensive physical strength, allows a diverse pool of talents to join in the segment.

Shivam Rao, Co-Founder & COO, Trinity Gaming in a file photo.(Credits: Trinity Gaming)

Gaming in India is rising, and with that various opportunities for various Esports athletes. SportsLumo gets in conversation with Shivam Rao, Co-Founder & COO, Trinity Gaming. He elaborates on how the Indian Esports ecosystem is changing, how Trinity Gaming is helping players and a lot more.

How did Trinity Gaming come into existence, and what is the ultimate goal?

Trinity Gaming is the answer for all those who seek to make it big and be an integral part of the gaming industry. We realized that even though India is admiring the booming upsurge of this sector, there are no well-structured organisation to extend their support, provide guidance and hand hold the generation of esports enthusiasts.

Living in a day and age where we all are dependent on gadgets and love to consume content digitally; our role is to help the Gaming Content Creators become more evident in the industry. We support them to master and monetize through their skills. We work closely with all of our Gaming Professionals to ensure that they are in the best spot possible to establish and lock down their career on YouTube and Esports. We run an accelerator program wherein brands and our gaming influencers can collaborate and work together. Our focus is to create customized and innovative brand integration campaigns for superior impact.

What led to the rise of esports in the country?

There are a number of reasons which has contributed to its popularity. The wide use of smartphones, the growing demand for digital services, the rise in esports prize money, technological advancements and definitely it’s a great source of entertainment. Over the years, we have also seen the extensive use to graphics, there are multiplayer online battle arena, real time strategy, and the constant upgradation of these virtual sports keep feeding the interest, making it more challenging and fun to engage with. Accomplishing each level, feels like a thrill ride.  

The gender-neutral characteristic of Esports with no requirement of an extensive physical strength, allows a diverse pool of talents to join in the segment. The sector is highly dominated by the millennials and Gen Z, which has attracted huge investors who are stepping in further support this segment. 

What lead to another huge spike in the number of gamers and gaming audiences was during the pandemic. In 2020, when people were quarantined, they looked after gaming as a medium to relieve stress and keep connected with their close ones. 

How has the esports niche been able to lure in sponsors from across the world?

Brands realized that getting noticed by the millennials and the generation next is not simple. They are a difficult generation to grab their attention and build interest. They don’t consume TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines to the same extent as the prior generations did. Instead, everything they could possibly need is just a few taps, swipes, or clicks away. Esports is dominated by this very generation. Traditional advertising approach do not work for them and are vouching in favour of online platforms or live events. There is a positive attitude towards brand involvement in esports, this generation reciprocates to this form of advertising and through algorithm one can even measure the reach. It has turned out to be one of the best approaches for a sponsor. 

Esports as a career, explained by Trinity Gaming

A lot of young kids want to take esports as a career, what do you suggest could be the first step for them?

My suggestion to them would be to have patience and keep working on your skills. One has to better themselves and be creative to sustain in the industry of esports. The industry of esports is getting the recognition which it deserves and if one can overcome the hurdles, it is surely a rewarding profession to be associated with.   

After getting into the niche, how important is it to be backed by an agency or someone who could guide them through the deals they get?

Just like any sports, even the esports players need an agency backing. We have the resources which this niche segment requires to grow. They are groomed and are familiarized with the do’s and don’ts of the industry, supporting them with decision making, negotiating and associating them with the best brands to get the best response/result. When a creator I backed by an agency, they are constantly building contacts and are active

Will normalcy in the near future affect the growth of esports in the country?

Normalcy will only elevate the success of esports in the country as we are witnessing huge corporates and major stakeholders are interested to explore and are investing in the growth of this industry. A lot of businesses that are associated with esports are focused on event, leagues and turning up to the venues. As a digitally native entity, esports is able to operate on a professional level unlike other sports. The conversation around esports is growing bigger. Instead, I feel normalcy would only make it possible for the esports segment to spreadhead on a greater scale.

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