Escape from Tarkov: All Tarkov Street Extracts

The latest Escape from Tarkov wipe is here as part of patch on December 28th and the biggest update is the addition of the streets of Tarkov.

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The latest Escape from Tarkov wipe is here as part of patch on December 28th and the biggest update is the addition of the streets of Tarkov. It is a new urban environment that has been talked about and teased for quite some time now. The streets of Tarkov are notably the ninth location added to the game and contain banks, malls, hotels, and all other major facilities. The map allows up to 40 players to participate in the fray.The streets of Tarkov have many vantage points that offer observation over open areas and this allows for long distance engagements. It also has more than ten exfiltration (Exfil) or extraction (Extract) locations.

All extracts on Streets of Tarkov :

Escape From Tarkov currently has three modes of play: scavenger raids, online PMC raids, and a temporary offline mode. When you enter the game, you can choose to play solo or in groups in these raids, and you’ll be randomly spawned on one side of the game’s many different maps. To escape the place you will need to battle other players and non-player characters to reach the extraction point on the other side of the map.

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Here are all the Xfill locations on the streets of Tarkov:

PMC extracts for Streets of Tarkov

  • Collapsed Crane: The Collapsed Crane is found in the western part of the map. This scavenge is located near the Exfill Sewer.
  • Courtyard:The courtyard is accessible from the south-east of the streets, south of the theatre. Specifically, it is a timed extract and if it is activated, a green glow will appear near the entrance to the stairway.
  • Evacuation Zone:The designated evacuation area is located southwest of the Tapkot building, directly behind an APC. This is the most difficult exit on the streets of Tarkov.
  • Damaged House:It is located on the east side of Ark Streets. It can be easily recognized as it resembles an apartment with a corner of the wall missing.
  • Klimov Street:You’ll need to be prepared with a green flare for the Killmoove Street extract location. You can take it out by exploding the green glow next to the green bus on the side of the road. But if you try to cross Klimov Street, NPC snipers will fight you.
  • Underpass:The underpass can be seen on the map in the north of the map. Remember that the underpass has two entrances but only one exit in tarkov streets.
  • Sewer River:When you locate a blue train derailed on the eastern side of the map in the middle of a two-lane road, you’ll follow a hole in the earth. This is where the Seward River aqueduct is located if you keep going west.

Scav exfils for Streets of Tarkov :

  • Basement Descent: Can be found in the north of the map, roughly in the middle.
  • Entrance to Catacombs: East of the Streets of Tarkov
  • Sewer: West of the map
  • Ventilation Shaft: Located on the South, more towards the East.

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