Error Code 19: How to fix Valorant Error Code 19 on Windows

Valorant players often complaint about the Error Code 19, so we are here to help you fix it.

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Valorant players often complain about Error Code 19, so we are here to help you fix it. This error usually occurs when there is an issue with the Riot Client and restarting it is known to help in most cases.

Valorant is a desktop-only five versus five multiplayer FPS game developed by Riot Games. It is the first game developed by the company in the shooters’ genre. As of now, the game is available only for Windows PCs and the developers might bring it to other platforms in the coming days.

How to fix Valorant Error Code 19

This error on Valorant means that there is some issue with the Riot client. The best fix is to try and restart the Riot Client. If this doesn’t fix the problem, players should try the following:

Check internet connection

Riot Client requires a server to launch the game and let players enjoy Valorant. It needs to have a strong internet connection. Make sure the internet connection is working fine by speed testing it. If your internet connection is good, restart the PC and launch the Riot Client again.

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Terminate all Riot processes and restart the client

Players should open Task Manager on their PCs and end all the processes running in the name of Riot Clien, Vanguard, Valorant, and others. They should then relaunch the Riot Client which starts all the processes automatically. This might fix the issue.

Update Riot Client and the game

Players should check if there are any updates pending for Riot Client or Valorant and install them. If there are no updates available and the issue is not fixed, uninstall the game and install it again.

Any of these methods should be able to help players fix the Valorant error code 19. If not, players should reach out to the Riot Games’ support team.

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