EPL Winter Holidays 2023 starts the DOTA Division 2 Season early

EPL Winter Vacation 2023 gives us an early preview of the Dota Pro Circuit 2023 (DPC 2023) teams from Europe. Specifically.

EPL Winter Holidays 2023
By Shubham Dalal | Jan 3, 2023 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


EPL Winter Vacation 2023 gives us an early preview of the Dota Pro Circuit 2023 (DPC 2023) teams from Europe. Specifically, it is the Division 2 teams that we are eyeing on in the EPL winter break 2023.EPL Winter Holidays 2023 consists of group stage and playoffs, featuring only six teams. These teams play in groups of three, where matches are single round-robin best-of-three matches. The top two seeds advance to the playoffs while the bottom seeds are eliminated from the event.The interesting thing about the group stage here is that the best-of-three format makes each series a full game.

EPL Winter Holidays 2023 starts the DOTA Division 2 Season early :

It gives a reflection of the potential of each team and is not just a one-trick pony. The playoffs share the same number of rounds per series, but are in a single-elimination bracket. The Grand Final, which takes place on 5 January, is best of five instead.The six invited teams include IVY, Water Rune Enjoyers and Level UP, all drawn from Western Europe. While YNT, HYDRA and Creep Gaming are from Eastern Europe.

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DPC 2023 has become a well-regarded benchmark for teams in third-party tournaments. In EPL Winter Holiday 2023, there are many, including IVY, Water Rune Enjoyers, YNT and HYDRA.IVY, for one, is a staple in the WEU scene, has a consistent roster and is only replacing his hard-carry player for the upcoming DPC 2023. Aleksandar “pio65” Zalivako, who previously played for B8, probably didn’t have the best achievements during his time. Tenure on B8. However, as a young carry player, he won several amateur tournaments to attract attention from big names.

Water Rune Enjoyers, or formerly 11Monkeyz, is one of the few emerging teams along with Team Bald Reborn. Since joining the last DPC 2022 Tour 3, the new candidate has overthrown Bram and In the Breach to become a staple in DPC 2023 Division 2.Team YNT has household names from the EEU region, such as Semen “CemaTheSlayer” Krivulya, Danil “bignum” Shekhovtsov, and Nikolay “bb3px” Evdokimychev. These former Mind Games players once led the team to a major, so they are arguably the most experienced in the competition.

Finally, once established as a rising star in Division 2, Level UP shot to fame with a 2nd place finish at DPC 2021. The former roster included key players such as Glib “fun1k” Lipatnikov and Nikola “labrondota” Popovic. However, the team left the organization to play for the Spider Pigs. Fast forward to recent times, LVLUP has been on hiatus until late December 2022 when they announced their participation in the DPC 2023 Open Qualifier for the WEU region. Though,Albeit, with tremendous consequences.

Nevertheless, LVLUP’s roster has a number of promising players, such as Elliot “adzantic” Hammond, Dmitri “Nefrit” Tarasich, and LVLUP’s founding member, Dino “dnz” Savuk.The bottom line is that EPL Winter Holiday 2023 has a lot in store, especially with the strong teams in the competition. Be sure to catch YNT, IVY, Water Rune Enjoyers and Hydra in action, especially when they meet in the group stage. Ultimately, it’s a testament that the best European field ever since The International 11 with three top finishes cements the WEU as the better field.

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