Elden Ring: Best daggers for players in the game

Daggers are an interesting part of the game that players can obtain.

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Daggers are an interesting part of the game that players can obtain. These weapons are short-ranged and players cannot use them in head-to-head confrontations. Rather, dagger users will have to take a sneaky approach and try to land critical hits on the opponents and use them with full potential.

Elden Ring offers a wide range of daggers that players can use. In this article, we have listed powerful daggers for players who want to use this weapon type.


It is probably one of the best daggers in the entire game. The reason is its longest ranges among all others in its weapon class. Players can also infuse the weapon with Ashes of War, meaning its versatility can be enhanced. Lastly, the weapon has 140 critical damage, which is the highest among every other weapon in Elden Ring.

Location: Obtained from Stormveil Castle.

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Black Knife

This is a dagger to be used for faith builds in Elden Ring. However, players are recommended that even non-faith users try it out at least once. Black Knife has a special skill known as Blade of Death. This skill will allow players to fire projectiles that not only reduce the target’s total health pool, but also deal damage over time. The only issue with this dagger is that it cannot be enchanted or infused by any means.

Location: Defeat Black Knife Assassin in Sainted Hero’s Grave.

Scorpion’s Stinger

The final weapon on this list is the Scorpion’s Stinger. This dagger is something that is extremely good for players to inflict Scarlet Rot in the game. Ideally, rot is pretty strong, and picking the weapon has a really good dexterity scaling, players can use it for related builds.

Location: Grand Cloister

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