EA Sports FC 24: What are the best ‘Display Configuration’ settings for reducing stuttering and lag on PC?

The abundance of animations and cut scenes have increased the configuration requirements for the game.

Credit- EA Sports
By Karthik Raman | May 17, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

With EA Sports releasing a new version of their popular football game every year, the users’ interest in them has skyrocketed. Each edition has seen some interesting new improvements. These developments can be on the tactics side or the playing front. In the recent past, Electronic Arts has placed a lot of emphasis on animations and cut scenes. They believe this will provide users with a more authentic experience.

It is hard to disagree with them after seeing the impact these animations and cut scenes have had on the game. They make it more realistic by having some players move like their real-life versions and shoot or dribble in a similar fashion. The way the ball moves around the pitch or hits the back of the net gives the users an entirely different experience. This allows users to play with their favourite players in the same way that they would in person.

Add to it, the cut scenes that are being introduced in recent years. The cut scenes can be seen after a goal, foul and an injury among others. In FC 24, the cut scenes are also present during the half-time breaks, with players listening to their manager’s instructions. There is an award ceremony in between the season and a bus parade along with their supporters on the streets at the end of the campaign, which provides a completely new experience to the gamers.

How to avoid stuttering and lag on PC?

However, the latest developments also have its issues. The abundance of animations and cut scenes has increased the configuration requirements for the game. This has been felt mostly by the PC gamers. A high level of configuration is required to get the game running smoothly without stuttering and lags. Not everyone possesses a well-configured gaming PC. Hence, the users can adjust the display configuration in accordance with their PC settings. To make it happen, inside the game go to the settings and choose ‘Display Configuration’ tab.

There will be multiple options for users to select from. Try to keep the lowest possible settings if your PC does not have a high configuration. The idea here is to free up as much frame rate as possible to help improve the performance of the game. Before changing these settings, the users must also decide what is their priority – performance or quality. If you want a smoother gaming experience, then you should be willing to sacrifice certain graphic features. Below are some suggestions to help the game run smoothly on your PC.

Display Configuration

Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (or the resolution of your monitor)

Display Mode: Full Screen is the most advisable (although some have benefitted from Windowed or Windowed Borderless settings)

Refresh Rate: Whatever maximum refresh rate you monitor supports

Frame Rate: No Limit on FPS (if low-end choose 60 FPS)

Vertical Sync: Off

Dynamic Resolution Scale: Off

Cutscene Quality: Half frame rate (full frame rate for high-end PC)

Stranded Hair: Off (Auto for high-end PC)

Rendering Quality: Auto (Ultra or High for high-end PC)

Grass Quality: Low (Auto or High for high-end PC) Crowd Quality: Low (Auto or High for high-end PC)

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