Dragon Ball: Best games anime fans should try

There are several Dragon Ball video games, but some of them are way better than their counterparts.

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There are several Dragon Ball video games, but some of them are way better than their counterparts. Dragon Ball has a history in the world of video games. Since 1986, the world has witnessed a new Dragon Ball game almost every year. Let’s check out the best games Dragon Ball fans should try out.

DBZ: The Legacy of Goku trilogy

This game brought an action-RPG version of DBZ to the Gameboy Advance and fans loved its challenging nature. Players got to see their characters grow in power as the game progressed. The visuals were also sharp on the GBA, and while each game in the series is good, they work best as a full package.

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DBZ: Budokai Tenkaichi 3

Budokai Tenkaichi 3 has to the best of the Budokai Tenkaichi games. The arena combat appealed several players and had 98 characters. The game was visually pleasing for its time, and players got a lot of characters to play as.

The game also featured a “What If” saga that was fun to play. It had many modes, characters, and a lot of replay value. It’s one of the best Dragon Ball games players have ever witnessed.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

While Dragon Ball FighterZ is the best fighting game the franchise has ever produced. The character’s animations and attacks align seamlessly with their anime and manga characters.

The biggest drawback was that it had too many “Gokus,” or characters that are either Goku, or have a similar move set. The game was visually great and it’s very clear that the developers are familiar with the anime masterpiece.

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