Dota 2 Players Discover Bug Allowing Free Purchase of Vambrace

A bug has been discovered in Dota 2 that allows players to purchase "vambraces" for free in the game's item shop.

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By Shubham Dalal | Dec 18, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


A bug has been discovered in Dota 2 that allows players to purchase “vambraces” for free in the game’s item shop. Many players have been seen exploiting this bug early in the game to give themselves and their teams an unfavorable advantage over players unaware of this bug by purchasing this item for free and going into the game with all of its attributes. Dota 2 developers have not yet commented on this matter and at the moment it is not known whether or not when the bug will be fixed.Players can purchase Vambrace for free through the in-game shop.

Dota 2 Players Discover Bug Allowing Free Purchase of Vambrace :

Players are exploiting the bug by simply opening the in-game shop, dragging it into the quick-buy stash, and right-clicking to buy Vambrace. The item, which is normally unavailable through the shop and only drops from neutrals, can then be obtained at no cost to the player.

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This bug gives players an immense advantage if abused early in the game as it provides many beneficial properties to the hero who acquires it. There are three different versions of the Vambrace item in Dota 2, each designed for heroes with a specific attribute (strength, agility, or intelligence).Vambrace grants the following bonuses to heroes: increased health and health regeneration, increased mana and mana regeneration, increased attack speed and armor, and increased attack damage to all heroes with specific attributes. Specific bonuses vary depending on the variant of Vambrace and the hero’s attribute.

The bug has reportedly been present in the game for an unknown amount of time, and it is still being determined how many players have taken advantage of it. However, this has raised concerns among the Dota 2 community, with some players expressing frustration that it makes certain heroes overpowered at the start of the game.In the meantime, players are advised to keep their eyes open when purchasing items in the game, as it is possible that other bugs or exploits may exist that allow players to obtain items for free. Overall, it remains to be seen what effect the bug will have on the game and its community.

Overall, it’s a pretty cut and dry case of bugs being seen, visible, and quickly removed. But we have to question, how long has this been in the game that we haven’t noticed? And have it work with any other neutral object. We hope Valve has double-checked the quick buy feature now, but ultimately we won’t know until another bug shows up.

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