Dota 2 launches Twitch integration and spectator cheering

By simply watching over an hour of gameplay, you'll be able to scroll over items and abilities to get a more in-depth explanation.

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In light of the growing pandemic in Bucharest, Valve just delivered a bomb on the Dota 2 community by banning live spectators. However, the organisation is attempting to fill the hole by offering new methods to support your favourite team and watch the game.

The new DPC website, where fans can follow along with all games spoiler-free and in multiple languages, is one of the first things Valve mentioned in the latest blog post, along with some additional features. “During the Group Stages, multiple games will be in progress at once, so the main stream will feature the Multicast, which follows the most exciting matches of the day. To watch individual games, tune into one of the sub-streams for each language”

Working with the creators of the Dota 2 Tooltips Twitch Extension, they also introduced a Twitch integration to improve the viewer experience. By simply watching over an hour of gameplay, you’ll be able to scroll over items and abilities to get a more in-depth explanation, participate in in-game predictions and earn Compendium Points, and earn Twitch drops.

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Finally there’s the Spectator Cheering, which was introduced to give viewers at least the feeling of a present live audience. “When watching a match in-client, and soon via Twitch, simply click on the team logos at the top of the screen to cheer for your team. We take all of the cheers from the entire audience and sum them up, then represent them visually on screen as well as with the roar of the crowd.”

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