DOTA 2 Creeps: How to deny Creeps in the game?

Players often wonder how to deny creeps in DOTA 2.

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Players often wonder how to deny creeps in DOTA 2. Unlike other MOBA games, DOTA 2 comes with a special mechanic that enables players to deny the last hit of lane creeps from their opponents. Securing their last hits can be a fairly tricky task in various lane matchups.

However, getting denies from the enemy amidst the action is not only statistically beneficial, but it can also induce mental tilt for the opponents.

How to Deny Creeps in DOTA 2

The most important mechanic involved in denying creeps is called “Force Attack” and can be set up using two simple changes in the game settings. To activate it, players need to set a hotkey for it from the hotkeys menu. The Force Attack function is bound to the ‘A’ key by default and can be changed as per the player’s preference.

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Players can also choose to deny lane creeps with the help of the “Right Click to Force Attack” feature. It can be found under the ‘Options’ tab in settings. Once players have activated both of these options from the settings menu, they can start practicing their lane denies.

Friendly lane creeps can be attacked after their health pool drops below 50%. However, to secure a deny, players are required to land the killing blow on the friendly unit. Denying a creep in the lane makes sure that the enemy misses the last hit and offers 50% less XP to the opponent. It makes denying highly efficient mechanics that can, and should, be exploited to ensure a smooth mid-game stage. We will be bringing more guides for DOTA 2 players, so stay tuned.

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