Dota 2 Battle Pass: How many battle passes will Dota 2 Have this year?

Dota 2 revolutionized video game monetization with the battle pass.

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Dota 2 revolutionized video game monetization with the battle pass, so it’s pretty obvious that there will be more battle passes this year. Battle passes have become crucial to competitive video games. It enables developers to keep players hooked throughout the year and give them chances to earn cosmetics.

While every game features a battle pass in 2022, Dota 2 introduced the idea with The International 2013’s compendium. The system allowed Dota 2 players to claim the title of most lucrative esport, but battle passes are now a year-round affair.

Dota 2 to get three battle passes this year

There should be 2 seasonal battle passes and one for The Internationals in 2022. Valve’s regular battle pass schedule might include a Summer event and a Winter event. For instance, the Nemestice battle pass was released in June 2021, while Aghanim’s Labyrinth was launched on December 14, 2021.

The seasonal Dota 2 battle pass schedule isn’t confirmed like The International’s, but the company’s new approach should mean two more battle passes. Many previous battle passes featured their own custom game mode.

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The International 11 Battle Pass launch

Based on the previous release schedule, the battle pass for The International 11 could release in May this year. Since there have been global travel concerns since 2020 and beyond, the current break between The International battle passes is the longest in Dota 2’s history.

The TI10 battle pass expired on October 9, 2020. The tournament was pushed to late 2021. The $40 million prize pool finally found its winner in Team Spirit.

If Valve returns to the August timeline, the battle pass should come out a few months earlier than expected. The last three International battle passes all came out in May. It would be hard to pin down the exact date. TI8 and TI9 were released in May and the TI10 battle was introduced on the 25th.

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