DONT TOY WITH ME MISS NAGATORO Season 2 Episode 2: You're Inviting Me, Senpai!?

It was directed by Hirokazu Hanai and written by Tatsuya Takahashi, with music composed by Kenichi Tsuchiya.

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“Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro” is a manga series written and illustrated by Nanashi. It follows the story of a high school student named Senpai, who is constantly being teased by his classmate, Nagatoro. However, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that Nagatoro’s teasing is a form of flirting, and the two begin to develop feelings for each other. The series has been adapted into an anime series produced by Telecom Animation Film, which premiered on April 10, 2021. It was directed by Hirokazu Hanai and written by Tatsuya Takahashi, with music composed by Kenichi Tsuchiya. The anime adaptation has been well received by audiences for its relatable characters and comedic moments. DONT TOY WITH ME MISS NAGATORO Season 2 Episode 2: You’re Inviting Me, Senpai!?


When Senpai asked Nagatoro how the snacks tasted one afternoon at the art club, she used a blowgun to deliver one of them directly into his mouth.The boy appeared to be having trouble getting into the mood to execute a good painting, so the President unexpectedly dropped by the club room the next day and indicated that the boy could be a little burned out from the Cultural Festival’s conclusion. She then handed him two tickets to the zoo so he could draw outside. She said that she herself used to spend time in nature to rejuvenate her body and soul, which made him picture her frolicking in the woods while completely naked. Additionally, the President instructed him to make an effort to invite the person she referred to as the “cat girl,” reasoning that if an outsider like her continued showing up at the club, at least she should occasionally produce art.

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Nagatoro entered the room just as the President left and was able to eavesdrop, but she only overheard her final instructions, which were for Senpai to “ejaculate” (“shasei”). She peeked in the room suspiciously, saw the zoo tickets in Senpai’s hands, became delighted, and instantly looked up some tips for a zoo date on her phone. Then, acting indifferently, she entered the room and sat on the sofa. Senpai first hesitated to ask the girl out and accompany her to the zoo because he was too anxious to do so. However, after recalling Nagatoro’s advice at the summer festival, he worked up the courage to ask her out and learn that she adored animals. Nagatoro said that she only ever drew in class when Senpai inquired if she liked to sketch, using his “putting that aside” gesture once more. Senpai thought about telling her that he could teach her, but he soon rejected the idea since he thought it would sound aggressive. 

Nagatoro, however, conveniently acknowledged that she was a bad artist and asked him to train her. After receiving her customary taunts, he eventually asked her if she wanted to go to the zoo with him the next Sunday. Despite his struggles, she readily agreed. A dressed-up Nagatoro met Senpai on Sunday at the zoo and expressed her excitement at going there for the first time since elementary school. Later, after the boy gave her a sketchbook, Nagatoro realised that she had misunderstood the definition of “shasei” and that the President had instructed him to “sketch” rather than “ejaculate,” which made her a little irritated (suggesting that she had anticipated something sexy from the date) and caused her to kick Senpai in the back of the leg.

When Koujirou-kun the red panda finally rose up, Nagatoro tried to call Senpai while sulking since she saw that he was too preoccupied with his sketches to enjoy their “date.” Nagatoro said that she was OK and would play along with it, asking him to “hold her hand and teach her everything” in exchange. The lad quickly apologised, assuming she was growing bored, and suggested they just walk around if she liked. Even though he was first embarrassed and the girl was constantly making fun of him, Senpai agreed and took Nagatoro by the hand to demonstrate how to draw a subject’s overall outline. Senpai doesn’t realise it, but the girl occasionally gave him a lovely smile as they drew various creatures together throughout the afternoon. 

When Nagatoro saw her sketches later, she thought they were quite poor, but the boy reassured her that they were actually good for a beginner. However, when she noticed Senpai’s drawings were almost alive, she asked him what his secret was, and he said that it simply involves having an interest in or liking what you draw. Nagatoro smiles as he recalls all the time he spent drawing her. Senpai was then approached by a classmate and his girlfriend while the girl was using the restroom. They recognised the child and started making fun of him for drawing at the zoo right away. Senpai kept his mouth shut as usual until they made fun of Nagatoro’s drawing, at which point he lost his cool and roared at them both not to dare mock other people’s labour of love. 

As soon as Nagatoro returned, she reprimanded her classmates for making fun of her drawing and intimidating Senpai, forcing them to apologise out of fear before departing. Senpai praised Nagatoro for saving him and then humorously made fun of his frailty, forcing him to concede that it was very pitiful of a khai to save him. The onlookers learn that Nagatoro truly seen him yell at the two to take her defences, and she was incredibly impressed. The girl responded with a smile that the level was about right for him. 

Senpai suggested that Nagatoro draw her favourite animal as their final drawing because it was becoming late. The girl disclosed that she was actually painting Senpai, a “five-toed sloth, so slothful and weak that risk extinction and with such a weak presence that can hardly be observed,” after she had chosen the cage with the sloth and had positioned herself far behind Senpai as they started drawing. He realised that was actually pretty well done and realistic, blushing a little while recalling that the secret of drawing is “love,” although being furious that she accomplished all that just to bully him again. Nagatoro asked Senpai what he was looking at because he was silently gazing into nothing, and when he didn’t respond, she began to torment him once more.

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