Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro anime Season 2: Episode 6

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Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro” is a anime series written and illustrated by Nanashi. It follows the story of a high school student named Senpai, who is constantly being teased by his classmate, Nagatoro. However, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that Nagatoro’s teasing is a form of flirting, and the two begin to develop feelings for each other. The series has been adapted into an anime series produced by Telecom Animation Film, which premiered on April 10, 2021. It was directed by Hirokazu Hanai and written by Tatsuya Takahashi, with music composed by Kenichi Tsuchiya. The anime adaptation has been well-received by audiences for its relatable characters and comedic moments. Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro anime Season 2: Episode 6

Overview of Don’t Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro anime Season 2 episode 6

Nagatoro humbly asked her sister for suggestions on what to get someone for Christmas the day before Christmas Eve, as they were eating their snack. When Nagatoro denied the question out of embarrassment, her older sister teased her that consumables like snacks or bath salt would have been acceptable since they got used up and wouldn’t go bad if it wasn’t a present for “someone special.” Her older sister was delighted with the question and correctly deduced the reason, so she asked the girl if it was intended to be a present for “someone special.”

Nagatoro became depressed upon learning that she should present something that would “be gone,” but her sister soon lifted her spirits by recommending that she give something that would last as a Christmas gift—suggesting that she take something “he” would use on a daily basis. Nagatoro was overjoyed and thanked her sister, who then joked about wanting to give her a life-size doll of herself for Christmas after explaining that she too would have liked to get a gift that would last from her.

Senpai had a dream that night about going on a date with Nagatoro for Christmas and giving her a present; when he woke up the next morning, he was surprised because he had actually bought a present for her. The next day, Christmas Eve, as everyone was getting ready to leave for home, Nagatoro asked the boy if he would have been alone on Christmas. Before he could respond or give her a present, the girl’s friends interrupted them and dragged them both into the library, where an argument had broken out: Gamo-chan was going to invite everyone to the karaoke and is upset because Sakura and Rabi-chan aren’t coming.

Senpai observed that Nagatoro had a present in her bag as well, and she in turn noticed his, causing them to exchange an embarrassed gaze as a brawl breaks out between the “girls with males” and the “girls without boys” and they begin to quarrel. After a short while, Gamo-chan asked Nagatoro if she would have attended the karaoke, which prompted Nekoba to inquire as to whether or not she and Senpai were dating. An embarrassed Nagatoro quickly denied it, explaining she only liked to play around with the boy. Gamo-chan then invited both of them to join them at the karaoke, but Senpai declined, making up an excuse to stay alone with Nagatoro and claiming he had to take something

Nekoba, Yoshi, Gamo-chan, and Sakura (affectionately reconciled after their argument) observed this and joyously remarked on how evident it was that they genuinely want solitude. Senpai and Nagatoro enter the art club room and act as though they are going to take some items to support their mutual lie while they search for the appropriate words to exchange gifts. However, the President enters the room first and strips off her clothes because she wants to “feel its atmosphere on her skin” one last time.

The student wondered if they were having a tryst after Nagatoro called her a “horny bunny,” which caused both of them to flush and storm out of the room just as the broadcast from the school warned the students to leave the institute as soon as possible. The two hid in the nurse’s office to avoid being discovered by professor Yamaguchi, who is quite severe about the rules. They attempted to exchange gifts once more, but at the last minute, they freaked out after hearing Sakura having sex on one of the beds with her date. Senpai and Nagatoro were able to escape without being seen by the two lovers. Hoping to find some peace, they headed to the rooftop only to see dozens of other couples there viewing the sunset.

As a result of all those failures, the two had resolved to simply return home. However, when Senpai noticed Nagatoro trembling, he summoned the guts to give her his Christmas present—a muffler—instead. The girl was so happy that she offered him a scarf as her own gift in return. Later, while they were making their way home, Nagatoro leaped joyfully and made fun of the fact that they had received the same gift from the same person.

Gamo-chan, Yoshi, and Nekoba, the self-declared “boyless gang,” headed to the karaoke as they had planned that night after being dumped by their friends with partners. Yoshi attempted to play the piano there as Gamo-chan sang while performing while she was completely tone-deaf.

Senpai received a call from Nagatoro a few days later, on New Year’s Eve, while watching the customary TV special with his parents. Nagatoro asked him if he planned on going to the shrine on the first day of the year, and when he said he didn’t, she referred to him as a lock-up worm who sleeps his day away, unnerving him and persuading him to go. Nagatoro advised him to go to the Ishido Shrine before she hung up the phone. Senpai went to the shrine the next day and found Nagatoro working there as a miko on the side because he wanted to wear their traditional hakama and kosode.

Nagatoro started to trash the kid as usual because she didn’t get any praises for her appearance from him, and the lad reprimanded her for speaking inappropriately while wearing such sacred clothing. Nagatoro then went with him to wash his hands and rinse his mouth in accordance with the ritual protocol in order to purify his body, before accompanying him to take an omikuji and boasting about her own. Senpai opened his fortune slip and saw that it said “misfortune,” which made him realise that she had done all of that to brag. Then more people began to arrive at the shrine, forcing Senpai to depart so as not to interfere with the slightly disgruntled girl’s work.

As he made his way home, the youngster took a closer look at the omikuji’s prediction and saw that it said, “Just waiting will not get you anywhere,” on the “love” table. As a result, he made the decision to return to the shrine and try to ask Nagatoro out. At that very moment, Senpai showed up there, asked for an amulet, and managed to declare that he would have waited for Nagatoro at the conclusion of her shift. In the meantime, feeling sorry that the boy was gone, Nagatoro grumbled to a colleague that life never went as someone wished.

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Nagatoro was pleased and grabbed him after 20 minutes to ask him what he intended to do, even though she made fun of the guy and called him a “stalker.” Senpai was able to express his desire to accompany her to the shrine while realising at that same second that it was a shrine for love. Senpai was embarrassed to say that he would have “just hypothetically” asked her out, so Nagatoro teased him that he hoped they would have been “a good couple.” Senpai said that he shouldn’t have prayed to a god but should have worked on himself instead if he had wanted to ask her out one day.

After being moved, the girl wished for him to put in a lot of effort, and they both went to worship at the shrine. Nagatoro asked Senpai what he wanted for as they left the building, and when he replied that his family’s health, the girl responded that her wish was to marry him, before quickly adding, “Just kidding.”

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