Do it Outside! : Chapter 178 One Punch man Manga

The story follows the adventures of Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch

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One Punch Man is a manga series written and illustrated by ONE, who began publishing it on his personal blog in 2009. The series quickly went viral and was later picked up for official publication by Shueisha’s Young Jump Web Comics in 2012. The story follows the adventures of Saitama, a superhero who can defeat any opponent with a single punch but becomes bored with his own power and struggles to find worthy opponents. The manga has been adapted into an anime series and has become a cultural phenomenon, with merchandise, spin-offs, and video games. The series is still ongoing with the latest chapter being released weekly. Do it Outside! : Chapter 178 One Punch man Manga

Tatsumaki vs Saitama in this Chapter 178 of One Punch Man Manga 

So this chapter opens up with Since the A-Class hero air was shot in the throat by an evil natural puddle in chapter 171, this chapter begins with him in the hospital with a new mechanical gadget on his throat. We can see that after being taken to the hospital, these individuals—who claim to be experts in “cyborg medical science” and that the organisation had asked them to assist them—immediately healed his neck. It’s noteworthy that they also said that they couldn’t compete with buffoy.

Then comes this entertaining sequence with Forte, Butterfly DX, chain, and Toad. Tatsumaki finally confronted Saitama, who grabbed her by the wrist and wouldn’t let go. In the previous chapter, when Tatsumaki had vanquished the Joker person from Tsukuyomi, we witnessed this occur. It also includes Psychos Tatsumaki, who, during one of her episodes, came dangerously close to killing the Fubuki group before being stopped by Saitama. Tatsumaki is, in fact, to blame for Saitama’s apartment being destroyed, which is the entire reason he came here. He is therefore at odds with her over this and is also making efforts to diffuse the current situation. But that’s just secondary to him and tatumaki like psychically blasts saitama putting like a huge crater in the wall but this of course does nothing to him. 

Oh, you’re really familiar with my little sister, aren’t you? How could that be if you’re her assistant? If so, what exactly do you do for her? she asks. I really enjoy this sequence because it perfectly captures Tatsumaki’s response to someone being friendly to Fubuki. Tatsumaki is definitely highly jealous of fabuki and possessive of her.

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Saitama pretty much just says that he’s nothing to fubuki except an acquaintance it’s like crushes her like putting fabuki in the acquaintance Zone. Tatsumaki’s like oh why would you get this desperate over just an acquaintance. But then tatsumaki is like well whatever that’s the case then I’ll test you to see if you deserve to be hanging over fabuki like that. She like ramps up her psychic power and it causes like shock waves throughout the hero Association to where even the rich people that just moved in can feel it. 

And obviously it’s angering them and they’re blaming Metal Knight but she’s using so much power that the basement is even twisting around them until. Saitama is finally like okay you know if you’re gonna do this then we gotta do it outside and he grabs her and like shoots out of the hero Association. DBZ style taking them to another location to fight which is also very DBZ style in itself and the chapter pretty much ends.

They are obviously upset by this, and Metal Knight is being blamed, but she is exerting so much strength that the basement is actually twisting around them. Finally, Saitama says, “Okay, if you’re going to do this, then we need to do it outside,” at which point he grabs her and shoots out of the hero association. The chapter essentially concludes with them being taken to another area to battle, which is also extremely DBZ-style in its own right.

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