Destiny 2: In this week's Nightfall weapon in game?

At least one Nightfall weapon will rotate each week and be available as a drop from Nightfall completions. What is this week's Nightfall weapon in Destiny 2? What is this week's Nightfall weapon in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2: In this week's Nightfall weapon in game? Credit: Destiny 2
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On harder difficulties in Destiny 2, Nightfalls can be one of the most difficult tasks. Guardians are fortunate in that they come with rewards to match. At least one Nightfall weapon will rotate each week and be available as a drop from Nightfall completions. What is this week’s Nightfall weapon in Destiny 2? What is this week’s Nightfall weapon in Destiny 2?

Higher difficulties offer better chances, and Guardians who are courageous enough to take on Grandmasters will receive an Adept version of the weapon that week’s specials are. Bungie’s new initiative to “bring challenge back to Destiny” began with Season of Defiance and Lightfall, which overhauled Nightfalls’ difficulty and altered some of its reward structures.

Destiny 2: In this week’s Nightfall weapon in game?

Through some adjustments to Power Levels and how they function, the developer addressed difficulty across the board as part of the measures. The team also gave outdated Nightfalls a fresh coat of paint. Season 20 will also feature Hypernet Current, the only Strike from Lightfall to date, in the Nightfall pool. With the reintroduction of the Buzzard sidearm and THE SWARM LMG in season 20, clearing a Nightfall has a chance of bringing a weapon from the Nightfall pool each week.

The new Kinetic Tremors perk is being added to the perk pool of Hung Jury SR4, along with yet another set of changes. The remaining weapons in season 20 are Wendigo GL3, The Militia’s Birthright, and the Mindbender’s Ambition.

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March 28 to April 4

  • Weapon: Buzzard
  • Nightfall: The Glassway
  • Champions: Barrier, Overload
  • Threat: Void
  • Surge: Solar, Strand

This week’s nighttime weapon: buzzard

With new tricks, this outdated weapon is back. Buzzard returns to the Nightfall pool with access to glitzy benefits like Overflow and the brand-new Kinetic Tremors from Season of Defiance. Buzzard is somewhat sluggish due to its reload, but you can reduce this speed either directly with perks like Perpetual Motion and Compulsive Reloader (which is actually helpful after the buffs) or indirectly with Fourth Time’s The Charm and Overflow.

If you want to significantly increase the damage of this weapon, look for damage-boosting perks like Multikill Clip, Swashbuckler, or Frenzy. You can also find ones with Kinetic Tremors for some extra flavour.

What does Season of Defiance’s Nightfall mean?

Rapid Hit and Firefly, which boost your reload and stability with subsequent precision hits and cause enemies to explode when you land a precision kill, might also be entertaining if you enjoy making things explode. When you explode an enemy, Firefly further boosts reload speed, making it a potent combo as long as you’re getting those kills.

With the addition of the new Hypernet Current and the return of The Glassway, The Vex will also be a component of the Nightfall pool. Arms Dealer and Lake of Shadows, two classic Nightfalls, are back with some changes. Bungie has done a great job with these faster Nightfalls, adding an escort section to Lake of Shadows and changing the boss mechanics in Arms Dealer. These were also a component of Bungie’s drive for harder content. The Nightfall rotation for Season of Defiance will look like this:

  • Proving Grounds
  • Heist Battlegrounds: Mars
  • Hypernet Current
  • Arms Dealer
  • The Glassway
  • Lake of Shadows

There will be a few seasoned veterans and a number of brand-new additions to the Nightfall pool. Proving Grounds from season 13 opened the rotation, and then the dreaded Heist Battlegrounds: Mars as a Nightfall made its debut. The Kelgorath encounter will serve as the introduction to the addition of Battlegrounds activities to the Nightfall schedule, according to Bungie.

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