Current Penta Pro Series valuable content is forfeited by Velocity Gaming

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Without stating the justification for this choice, Velocity Gaming has forfeited in the current Penta Pro Series Valorant tournament, which is taking place during the off-season. It has been conjectured that the organisation made this choice because of ping disparities with Southeast Asian teams. As a result, the group has received criticism from the Valorant community as well as its own fan base. Current Penta Pro Series valuable content is forfeited by Velocity Gaming

Penta Pro Series Valorant is forfeited by Velocity Gaming because of ping problems

In the Penta Pro Series Valorant Play-offs versus the South Asian teams, Velocity Gaming displayed a noteworthy performance. To win the playoffs, the squad defeated Revenant Esports in the championship game. Revenant Esports and Velocity Gaming both earned spots in the main competition, to which two Southeast Asian teams had already been invited.

The teams competing in the main Penta Pro Series Valorant tournament are as follows:

• Bleed Esports

• Boom Esports

• Velocity Gaming

• Revenant Esports

However, the Indian teams performed just passably against the Southeast Asian teams in the main tournament, which some blamed on the ping discrepancy (latency). The main event matches were taking place on the Singapore server, where Indian players had a latency of about 50-70 ms and Southeast Asian players of about 10–20 ms.

After making a light-hearted remark in response to the tweet, Bleed Esports later stated that it “encourages & appreciates transparent communication and fair play in all tournaments.” The manager of Velocity Gaming, Adarsh “Eupho” Singh, also spoke on this subject and said, “It was greatly needed.”

Excali wrote a comprehensive explanation of “the current condition” of the competition on his Twitter account on December 22 prior to making this choice. He disclosed that the squad is being forced to play on the Singapore server without a server veto by the tournament organiser (TO), Penta Esports. He added that server veto was implemented by The Esports Club, allowing all teams from both regions to compete at their highest level on an even playing field.

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The proprietor of Velocity Gaming, Manoj “Sentinel” Kashyap, also lamented the situation via Twitter. He asserted that TOs should recognise the significance of ping for First Person Shooter (FPS) players and provide a reasonable opportunity for the team to compete.

Due to Velocity Gaming’s decision to withdraw from the competition and the current points standings, Bleed Esports and Boom Esports will go on to compete in the tournament’s championship round. The $27,000 USD prize pool for the grand finals, which will be held on December 24th, will be awarded.

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