CS GO global expertise medal: How to get CS GO Service Medal?

CS GO game developers added a new Service Medal to the game this year.

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CS GO game developers added a new Service Medal to the game this year. Just like every year, the new Service Medal was made available from January 1. The players can claim the medal by earning XP through playing the game.

Whenever a player passes the Level 40 mark – Global General rank, their rank resets and they get the option to either earn or upgrade their service medal. The first time this will happen this year, the player will earn the 2022 Service Medal that will be colored in grey.

As players manage to earn more XP, by playing several game modes including Deathmatch, Competitive, Arms Race, Retakes, and others will increase and each time they reach level 40, they will get a chance to upgrade the Service medal. The first upgrade will turn grey into green, level 3 is blue, which is then followed by purple, pink, and red at last.

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To everyone’s surprise, in 2022 there has been no winter update with Christmas lights, sweaters for chickens, and no snowballs in deathmatch to play around with and players can only hope the developers are working on a big update with the Dreams and Nightmares case, which could be the reason behind the missing update.

Besides, Team Liquid had made a great addition to its CS: GO lineup. The team has roped in one of the best players of CS: GO to their active roster. With this signing, the hopes of fans have gone higher than before.

The team has been a dominant force over the years in several titles, thanks to their consistent and top-tier performances. Their first appearance on the CS: GO scene was back in 2015, and Team Liquid has never looked back since then. After a mixed spell of rewards, the team has created a buzz with its new signing.

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