CS GO background: Are CS GO and Half-Life part of same universe?

Many CS GO players think it is tied to Valve’s landmark Half-Life series.

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Many CS GO players think it is tied to Valve’s landmark Half-Life series. Well, both games are undeniably connected. They make use of the same engines, feature similar map assets, and involve similar gameplay.

But this is not the end of connections. Valve famously uses the Half-Life universe as the basis for the Portal series, but CS GO could also take place in the same universe. Here are the connections between the games.

CSGO and Half-Life Connection

The two games ties begin with the first Half-Life game. Valve’s first big release was built on the GoldSrc engine, a highly modified version of the Quake framework. The company’s changes turned it into a mod-friendly system, which resulted in a ton of games being built on top of it.

The most played of these games is the original Counter-Strike. We aren’t talking about 1.6, not Source, and not Global Offensive but the first Counter-Strike. Because they shared the same engine, Counter-Strike borrowed a lot of assets and textures from Half-Life.

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Further revisions of the game took these similarities even further. The physical copy of Counter-Strike 1.6 was officially called Half-Life: Counter-Strike. The company even marketed the game as the “Half-Life Multiplayer Experience.”

What separates CSGO from Half-Life

While the original Counter-Strike series is without a doubt connected to Half-Life, CS GO appears to break that tradition. The company attempted creating original lore for CS GO that’s completely different from the Half-Life timeline.

There have been attempts to create CSGO’s own lore, but none of it takes out the series from Half-Life. Many other games from Valve such as the Portal series, take place in an alternate version of the Half-life world.

It’s possible that CSGO takes place in a universe where HECU forces manage to prevent the events of Half-life. Alternatively, it could take place between the two installments of Half-Life. While the games might not be directly connected to each other anymore, they still have the same DNA in them.

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