Coral Castle is returning to Fortnite

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Coral Castle Fortnite Chapter 3 was rumored to be back in Season 3 and it looks like it is coming back but with a strong twist. Now it looks like it will be the theme of an existing one instead of its POI. We have everything related to Coral Castle is returning to Fortnite.

Despite huge changes at the start of the season, Epic Games do not allow the island to rest. The map is constantly changing as the season progresses, but this progress is usually driven by the opponent of the season. Right now, with The Seven defeating the fictional order, no opponents are present on the island.

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However, the map is still changing; That, too, is in an interesting space. Reality is that the tree is spreading its roots all over the map, and interesting changes seem to be taking place elsewhere.

Logjam Lumberyard is a great example of such a place. The roots of the real tree are replacing logjam lumberyards and possibly bringing back old POIs.

According to HYPEX, a trusted Fortnite Liquor, Logjam Lumberyard cycles through the theme of each game. POI is feeling the effects of the real tree on a large scale. In Fortnite, it doesn’t usually happen that something changes from game to game, so this is a bit of a first.

Coral Castle – It wasn’t even the favorite POI of its time, but Fortnite players can’t resist the return of old POIs or landmarks; Even less popular POIs become popular if they leave the game and then return.

Lazy Links – These were very popular in his time, though. It can be argued that this POI was the most important because it is part of the reality of Fortnite. All of these changes in the Logjam Lumberyard contribute to the current list of old map references.

In the new POI, Rave Cave (formerly known as Command Cavern), the old pizza pit in Chapter 1 can be found. It has been carried down and worn out, but it is present. Slipstream, which was first introduced in Chapter 1 Season 9, is also back out of the Rev. Cave.

If players travel southwest, they will find a sign called Displaced Depot. The site is one of the three original buildings before the Dusty Depot’s meteor-induced destruction. The large wooden chair from Chapter 1 can also be found there.

Final word

All the new twists and interesting features are attracting the players. Get cool strategies so you can explore more.

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