CoD Mobile Season 6: Everything you need to know

CoD Mobile Season 6: To The Skies will be the next update for the popular mobile game.

credit: Activision
By Rohit Kohli | Jun 23, 2022 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

CoD Mobile Season 6: To The Skies will be the next update for the popular mobile game. In this article, we will discuss everything players can expect from the update. With Modern Warfare 2 now being showcased, it’s likely players will see handheld crossovers in the coming months, with Season 6 being the first.

CoD Mobile Season 6 To The Skies release date

CoD Mobile Season 6 will take the center stage at 5PM PT on Wednesday, June 29. The latest update will be available to download across all regions at the same time, enabling players to access the new content from day one. This patch comes after four weeks of the launch of CoD Mobile’s previous seasonal update.

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Favela map returns

Before anything was made official, early speculations for CoD Mobile Season 6 hinted the return of a classic map. Thanks to some direct posts from the developers team, it is sure that Favela map is coming. The map was first launched in 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 before coming in Ghosts. Favela will make its mobile debut as part of the Season 6 update.

CoD Mobile Season 6: To The Skies Battle Pass

Season 6 will bring a new 50-Tier Battle Pass chock-full of both free and premium content. Operators to Blueprints, and camos will also be present as usual. However, two exclusive weapons will also be available through the Battle Pass.

Season 6 Battle Pass highlights:

  • Tier 21 (Free) – KSP 45 (New Functional Weapon)
  • Tier 50 (Free) – Sky Sentry Calling Card
  • TBA (Premium) – Weapon Blueprints: Man-O-War, Chicom, JAK-12, Locus, KSP 45
  • TBA (Premium) – Operator Skins: Wraith (Disruptor), Reyes (SCAR Pilot), Sophie (Shadow), Ethan (Flying Sharks)

As of now, that’s all that is known about CoD Mobile Season 6. 

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