COD Mobile Season 5: New multiplayer mode Ground Wars, upgrades expected in the game

A brand new map Sudal Harbour will also be introduced.

It has been barely a week since the news of Call of Duty Mobile Season 5 came out and leaks surrounding new content have already started. When the new season comes, the Deep Water Battle Pass will introduce a lot of new elements in the game including a new Operator Skill K9 Unit, a new AR CR-56 AMAX. In addition to this, a brand new map Sudal Harbour will also be introduced. On top of all these, legendary lucky draws and new modes are coming to the game this season.

Ground Wars, the brutal 10 v 10 Multiplayer mode might also be added in COD Mobile. Ground War is not a random 10 v 10 mode. The new additions include an increased number of objectives and vehicular combat.

Ground Wars already exists in the Chinese version of COD Mobile. Similar to the Chinese version, this mode is likely to be featured in the Incursion map. Compared to other multiplayer maps, Aniyah Incursion is quite big and capable of maintaining a well-balanced 10 v 10 experience.

Gunzo returns to COD Mobile Season 5

Gunzo, one of the craziest characters in COD Mobile. It is expected to return in a lucky draw. According to reports, the original Exo Clown suit of Gunzo from Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will COD Mobile in a Redux Lucky Draw. Gunzo was first released with the legendary RPD skin. Now players have another chance of getting the character from the lucky draw. Players can expect the skin to be released in between the launch of legendary AMAX and legendary Ghost skin.

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