COD Mobile Season 11: Winter-theme and free rewards for players

The update brings a new Battle Pass with 50 tiers of exclusive content and featured events.

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COD Mobile Season 11 is here, and players can check out all the new content that has been brought to the game with the new update. The update brings a new Battle Pass with 50 tiers of exclusive content and featured events. Players can explore a lot of new things in this winter-themed COD Mobile season.

The update also brings a new themed event, where players can unlock a lot of free rewards. Every season a themed event is added to the game, and free-to-play users can simply play and will several free rewards. In the new season, the game has added the Ho-Ho Hot Drops event, where players can get winter-themed cosmetics, including operator skins and weapon blueprints, for free.

How to get ho-Ho Hot Drops in COD Mobile Season 11

The main aim of the event is pretty simple. Players will grind in multiplayer or Battle Royale mode and earn points that will accumulate and unlock rewards one by one. The best reward that players can get is the CR 56 AMAX epic weapon blueprint. However, players can also unlock the Zero-Flocked operator skin.

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To unlock the operator skin, players will need to unlock a code first. This code will open once players have earned 3000 plus points from grinding. After the code is unlocked, players need to drop into Battle Royale and unlock the safe on the map by inserting the code. Once it’s done, players will receive the Zero-Flocked skin after they exit the match.

This mode is available in COD Mobile for a limited period, and players only have until January 6, 2022, to finish the grind and unlock all the rewards. Playing Battle Royale mode offers more points compared to multiplayer if players can get to the top ten in the match.

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