COC attack strategy: What is Dragbat strategy?

Supercell’s Clash of Clans is a popular multiplayer strategy game where players use many army compositions.

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Supercell’s Clash of Clans is a popular multiplayer strategy game where players use many army compositions to take on enemy bases and defend against other players. Different Elixir and Dark Elixir troops can be used by players to create several army compositions.

There are several attacking strategies that were previously created by experienced players in the game, such as Yeti Smash, GoWiBo, and others. Dragbat is one such popular attack strategy. Dragbat is a popular army composition for TH 10, 11, and 12. It’s ideal for anti-Electro Dragon and anti-Balloon bases and can significantly help in Titan League trophy hunting, resource farming, and clan war attacks.

How to use DragBat attack strategy?

It is a 3-star Town Hall 10 and 11 offensive strategy that is good for multiplayer battles and clan wars. This approach uses dragons, Electro Dragons, Balloons, Bat spells, and Rage spells, all of which will surely bring 2 stars if used properly.

This strategy requires high-level Bat Spell and Dragons. The army composition of the Dragbat attack strategy is:

  • 11 Dragons
  • 7 Balloons
  • Electro Dragon and Freeze Spell (Clan Castle)
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 6 Bat Spells
  • 1 Freeze Spell
  • Heroes

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How to execute this strategy?

Step 1: Players should look for a base that has at least one Air Defense on one side. They should create a funnel from two sides of the base with heroes like Barbarian King and Archer Queen.

Step 2: Once players are done building the funnel, they should line up the Dragons and Balloons in front of Grand Warden. When Eagle Artillery is causing damage to Dragons, players must make use of the Grand Warden’s ability.

Step 3: To boost Dragons and Balloons and increase their damage, players will be required to use Rage Spells. Now they should deploy the Siege Machine and the Electro Dragon to finish the base’s core. Using Freeze Spells on Inferno Dragons and opposition clan castle troops will work for players.

Step 4: Now, they should deploy all Bat Spells on Single Inferno or Air Defense to do damage and distract other defenses, which will allow troops to deal massive damage.

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