Clash of Clans Night Witch: How to use this attack strategy?

Builder Base is the second base in Clash of Clans that has its own troops and army compositions.

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Builder Base is the second base in Clash of Clans that has its own troops and army compositions. Players engage in real-time 1v1 “Versus Battles,” where two players attack each other’s bases at the same time. Builder bases include several troops that are united to form a good attacking strategy.

Night Witches is without a doubt one of the most effective builder base attack tactics and is also one of the most popular strategies.

Night Witches in Clash of Clans

It is a Builder base troop that can be obtained by leveling up the Builder barracks to level 8, which needs leveling up the Builder Hall to level 6. The Night Watch is a single-target ranged troop that spawns at regular intervals. Her Special Ability is Bat Swarm which causes her to explode into bats when she dies. This ability can be unlocked at level 4.

The in-game description of the Night Witch reads: “Fearlessly summons flocks of flying creatures and, unlike her sister, leaves the grass in pristine condition.”

The Night Witch and the Battle Machine work very well together as the Battle Machine has many hitpoints and can tank hits from the Night Witch while it assists the Battle Machine by attacking from behind.

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The army composition of this attack strategy is:

  • Night Witches (All troops)
  • Battle Machine

Step 1: Players need to find the Multi Mortar and start attacking from that side. They need to destroy with the help of a Battle Machine.

Step 2: Once players destroy the Multi Mortar using the Battle Machine, they can start deploying all Night Witches from one side of the base.

Step 3: Players should use Battle Machine’s ability continually to deal extra damage and act as a Night Witch tank.

Step 4: Crushers and Roasters are the only defenses that can deal significant damage to the Battle Machine, so players should save the ability to utilize it against them.

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