Clash Of Clans guide: How to beat Tiger Mountains challenge

Clash Of Clans has a test known as tiger mountain, which is very challenging.

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Clash Of Clans has a test known as tiger mountain, which is very challenging and must be beaten by players who have a general municipal center since all the harm and guard there is significant level. It’s hard to beat it, even everybody can earn two stars. Yet, there are players who have figured out a way to beat the tiger mountain challenge. And, they can do it in only 2 minutes.

How to beat the tiger mountain challenge?

 The best way to beat the tiger mountain challenge is to comprehend the soldiers players will bring. Soldiers that players can bring are as follows: 

  • Super Valkyries as much as 8
  • Super Wizard as much as 8
  • Very Giant as much as 8
  • Hoard Rider as much as 8
  • Bowman Queen
  • Savage King
  • Amazing Warden
  • Imperceptible Spell as much as 2
  • Poison Spell as much as 2
  • Recuperating Spell as much as 2
  • Skeleton Spell as much as 2

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Assuming players are prepared to take on the challenge, they should drop a super valkyrie in the city center to bait Tesla and later cast an imperceptible spell. Then, at that point, they should send down five super wizards to annihilate the municipal center.

Players should drop the bowman sovereign in the gold stockpiling area and believe that the gold stockpiling will be obliterated by the toxophilite sovereign. Now, they should bring down each super monster in the right corner and be trailed by the entirety of their soldiers except the hoard rider.

From that point, let it get to the fiery blaze first. On the off chance that the hellfire has assaulted, players must bring down the mending spell and lower the toxic substance spell. Assuming all the fiery blazes have been obliterated, players should bring down the hoard rider on the highest point of the dark remedy.

On the off chance that the brute ruler can make due, he will meet up with the hoard rider in one path to annihilate all that is left and players just have to sit and wait for him to finish the business. 

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