Clash of Clans Dragon: How to unlock Inferno Dragon?

Clash of Clans is a popular online game where players take part in multiplayer battles using Elixir and Dark Elixir troops.

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Clash of Clans is a popular online game where players take part in multiplayer battles using Elixir and Dark Elixir troops and spells to beat their opponents. The game’s latest addition is the boost feature, which uses 25000 Dark Elixir to transform troops into super troops.

These super troops are created by modifying standard troops such as Baby Dragons, Dragons, and Minions. They offer higher hitpoints, cause more damage per second, and take up more housing space. They can also defend any base and take on enemy bases. We have listed down the way to unlock “Inferno Dragon” in the game.

How to unlock Inferno Dragons?

The Inferno Dragon is a Baby Dragon-based Super Troop. The super troop can be unlocked by players when the Baby Dragon has reached level 6. Players can boost it using 25000 Dark Elixir or Super Potion.

The in-game description of the Inferno Dragon reads: “Not getting upset over being alone anymore, the Inferno Dragon has learned to focus its rage into a very powerful beam that builds up over time!”

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The Inferno Dragon is a supervision of the baby Dragon that attacks using an inferno beam that builds up damage as time passes. The level of Inferno Dragon that players can get from boosting is equivalent to the Baby Dragon level.

To boost Baby Dragons to Inferno Dragons, players will need Town Hall 12. Because of the laboratory level cap, players must have at least level 6 Clan Castle to get a donated one. Therefore, players must be TH 10 to get Inferno Dragon donations from the clan. Inferno Dragons attack the nearest building and have no preference when it comes to attacking in the game.

Inferno Dragon statistics

  • Inferno Dragons can cover a range of 4 tiles and have a movement speed of 15.
  • Players will have to shell out 25000 Dark Elixir or Super Potion for an Inferno Dragon boost, alongside a Level 6 Baby Dragon at least.
  • Inferno Dragon deals damage of 83 that reaches to 1660 with 0.128 seconds attack spped.
  • Players will have to spend 18000 Elixir to train an Inferno Dragon, and it will take 2 minutes and 15 seconds to brew it.
  • With 2200 hitpoints, Inferno Dragon is one the strongest support troops in the game.

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