Clash Of Clans League Medals: How to get League Medals in the game

Clash of Clans League medals can be redeemed for exclusive rewards.

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Clash of Clans is one of the most played games globally, ever since it came out in 2012. Players build their villages and expand their Clan’s, leading raids on opponents and earning rewards while doing so. League Medals are a kind of resource that players can use to buy exclusive items. We have listed down everything you should know about them.

How to Get League Medals

Players can earn League Medals when their Clan performs well and are used as a currency in the Clash of Clans League Shop. They can also be earned by taking part in Clan War Leagues and Champion War Leagues.

Players can get these medals based upon which league their Clan is playing in, and their total reward is determined by their positioning in the Group at the end of the season. Winning the Group and ending in top position will allow them to earn the most League Medals. These medals earned can be used to buy exclusive items that are only available via the League Shop.

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How To Join A League

To join, players are required to apply during the League sign-up period which takes place once every season. Follow the instruction by pressing the gold Clan Wars button. Once players do that, they can take part in Clan League War matches. By playing Clan League War matches players can earn League Medals in different ways.

Players will earn 20% of a League Medal Placement reward just for taking part, without even attacking enemies. However, by earning eight War Stars players will get the full placement reward. The more players play the more they earn and the more exclusive goodies they can unlock.

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