Christmas Eve: Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 5

The anime adaptation was produced by the animation studio Liden Films and directed by Takeshi Furuta.

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The anime “Tokyo Revengers” is based on a manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. The anime adaptation was produced by the animation studio Liden Films and directed by Takeshi Furuta. The series was written by Tatsuya Takahashi and features character designs by Kenichi Ohnuki and music composed by Takurō Iga. The anime premiered on April 11, 2021 and is currently being broadcast on various streaming platforms. The story follows Takemichi Hanagaki, a 27-year-old man who finds himself transported back in time to his high school days, where he becomes determined to save his best friend and his girlfriend from being killed by a powerful gang.

Overview of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 5: Takemichi and Chifuyu hear from Hakkai about his determination to kill Taiju

As the weight of Keisuke Baji’s passing weighs heavily on Manjiro, Tetta doesn’t think he will live very long. Manjiro needs his backing; if not, Toman is finished. Takemichi and Chifuyu are the only people Tetta may utilise because they will be keeping this operation a secret from Toman. Tetta departs after informing Takemichi that he will be waiting for his response the following day.

Since Tetta was responsible for the deaths of Keisuke and Hinata, Chifuyu is opposed to cooperating with him. Takemichi is aware of it, but she is at a loss for what to do. Takemichi advises that if they cooperate with Tetta, they might discover anything about him that would enable them to expel him from Toman. Takemichi is prepared to cooperate with Tetta in order to prevent the future he saw. Chifuyu agrees to aid him when he asks for it. Then Takemichi and Chifuyu go and tell Tetta that they agree to work together, but only until Christmas, and that their only motivation is to assist Hakkai and that they have no desire to become friends with Tetta.

The following morning, Takemichi leaves for home, but on the way, he encounters Hinata and Naoto. They move as a unit and stop to sit on a bench. Hinata says she is really eager for Christmas. Then Takemichi understands that in addition to the preparations he made with her for Christmas, he also has to deal with Taiju. Observing that he despises wasting time, Naoto makes the decision to leave them and go home. Takemichi notices that he sounds similar like Tetta, and Hinata concurs. Hinata says that they attended the same cram school while they were in elementary school when Takemichi expresses surprise that she is familiar with Tetta. She notes that because they lived close to one another and he was the smartest child there, they frequently walked home together. 

After that, he transferred to a private middle school, and Hinata lost contact with him. Takemichi informs her that he is currently a Toman gang member and captain. Despite her surprise, Hinata affirms that Takemichi and Tetta get along. Tetta is uncomfortable and direct, yet he has a wonderful heart. Hinata also says that she was with Tetta the first time she met Takemichi.

Takemichi is unable to recall, and upon observing this, Hinata says that she and Tetta were on their way home from cram school when they were in the sixth grade. When Hinata and Tetta witness several middle schoolers abusing a cat, Hinata resolves to intervene. She ignores Tetta’s warnings that she would face consequences. The cat escapes as she converses with the middle school students, and they decide to pick on her. Then Takemichi sprints over and kicks one of them in the back. He claims to be a hero and says he won’t tolerate some middle schoolers ganging up on a young girl while sporting a cape. Takemichi tries to fight the middle schoolers despite the fact that he is terrified and shivering, and he ends up getting severely battered. After that, Takemichi advises Hinata to stop and reflect before making decisions like these and then goes.

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Takemichi doesn’t recall doing anything, but he does think he might have done it because he was quite crippled when he arrived to aid but ended up getting hurt. He was fantastic, according to Hinata, because he came to aid even though he knew he would lose. Hinata admits that she fell in love with him that day. Takemichi is shocked to discover that she has loved him for such a long time. Soon after, Hinata departs and informs him that they will meet on Christmas Eve at Umishita Park. Takemichi departs cheerfully after realising he can spend the 24th with Hinata and the 25th dealing with Taiju. Takemichi then remembers Hinata telling him in the future that he dumped her on 24th in Umishita Park. He begins to consider the reasons behind his decision to discard her but chooses to ignore them. Then a man approaches Takemichi, who misidentifies him as Naoto. Masato Tachibana, the father of Hinata and Naoto, makes an introduction.

When the two of them arrive at a coffee shop, Masato discloses that he has heard a lot about Takemichi from his wife and that he is dating his daughter. Naoto despises his job since Masato is constantly working and rarely comes home. Naoto, however, just revealed to him his desire to work as a police officer. Masato is grateful to Takemichi and is certain that it is all because of him. Masato doubts Naoto’s capacity for such a demanding job, but Takemichi tells him that he will make a good officer. Masato is relieved to discover that Takemichi is as kind as he had heard. Masato then requests a favour from Takemichi. In the meantime, Hinata arrives home and queries her mother over her feelings for Masato. Hinata wishes she could say the same thing about Takemichi 10 years from now once her mother verifies it.

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Takemichi remembers Masato’s plea to end the relationship with Hinata after he departs. Masato wants Hinata to be content, but since Takemichi is a thug, he might engage her in his schemes.

On Christmas Eve, Takemichi advises Hinata to end their relationship. Takemichi claims he has been considering it for some time and that he no longer likes her since he likes someone else. He is then attacked by Hinata, who says she despises him and begins to hit him. After Hinata leaves, Takemichi reflects on their time together, telling himself it’s for the best, but he soon breaks down in tears and asks himself what to do because he still loves her. 

Takemichi later joins Tetta, Chifuyu, and Shuji. According to Tetta, everything will take place at Shibuya’s Udagawa Christ Church, where Taiju will be alone himself. Chifuyu questions whether the church won’t be packed, but Tetta clarifies that only tonight, on Christmas Eve, and tomorrow night will it be crowded. They will wait outside the main chapel for Taiju because it is likely that Hakkai will be there waiting for him. Tetta requests that Takemichi confront Hakkai and stop him. Before Hakkai can challenge Taiju, Tetta, Chifuyu, and Shuji will defeat him.

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