Chainsaw Man Anime episode 9 overview

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The creator of the Japanese anime series Chainsaw Man is Tatsuki Fujimoto. “Chainsaw Man ” by Tatsuki Fujimoto has recently become one of the most popular manga. It has been serialised in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since July December 3 2018. The protagonist of this story is Denji, A Boy has been reborn as some kind of weird Devil-Human hybrid. He is now a Chainsaw Man!. Recently this series has started becoming very popular. Chainsaw Man Anime episode 9 overview

Chainsaw Man Episode 9 : From Kyoto

Akane uses the Snake Devil to kill the Ghost Devil. The Katana man tells him that the monster has escaped, but he says he doesn’t have to chase it because the target is the heart of the chainsaw. Then one of the ghostly demon hands goes and pulls on Denji’s cord, spinning the chainsaw. I realise he loves villains because he doesn’t say it. Denji then jumps and engages Katana man in battle.

Akane reported that they were fighting Chainsaw on the third floor of the west Narima building and asked for assistance. Katana Man and Denji fight and seem to be on par. Two men come to support Katana Man and he tells them to shoot him in the hand or heart. However, Denji knocked them down before they could shoot him. One of the men still manages to shoot Denji and Denji takes him hostage, telling Katana Man not to move or he will kill the man. Katana Man then knelt down, got into an attack position and instantly cut Denji and his teammates in half. Katana Man then grabs the hilt of Denji’s head and returns to normal, stating that his Demon Hunter friends are now dead because they can’t win their guns.

Elsewhere, Hirokazu Arai, Fushi, and other Division 4 members are shot dead, including Makima.Makima’s train nearly reaches Kyoto, and the men who shot her prepare to join the crowd. However, Makima then gets up.

At Kyoto Station, Yutaro Kurose and Michiko Tendo were waiting for the train. A man approaches them and informs them that they have learned that the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Special Divisions have been ambushed in Tokyo. Yutaro and Michiko wonder about Makima and if they have any expectations. The train arrived and everyone stepped out scared. Makima then comes out and tells them she was shot and there are bodies and they need to be cleaned up. Since Makima was covered in blood, they wondered if she was shot, but she denied it and said it wasn’t her blood. Inside the ship, his attackers were all dead.

The Katana Man tells Akane that he won’t be able to fight for a while. Some of his teammates wear Denji. When they wondered what he meant, the man was crushed to death. Akane immediately called Team E and asked Team C to confirm that Makima was dead. The Team E member told him he couldn’t contact Team C for a while and at that point he was also crushed to death. Makima reports directly to the Chief Cabinet Secretary, and ordinary Demon Hunters are not allowed to know which demons she has contracted with. Makima goes to one of the convicts and tells him to repeat Shuzo Mishima. As the convicts repeated their names, Makima waved his hand. Makima then turns to another convict asking him to tell Takashi Inoue. The man repeats it and Makima crushes another Katana man to death. 

Katana Man’s comrades panicked and started to run away, but Makima killed them one by one. She lets Katana Man and Akane live and tells Michiko and Yutaro to take off their blindfolds. When they did, they found that all the convicts were dead. Makima explains that she’s done what she can from here and is now heading back to Tokyo.

Akane suspects Makima of committing the murder. Sword man and Akane see Kobeni in the distance.Once upon a time, Grandma shot Hirokazu in the neck from behind. Hirokazu then turns and is shot in the head, the bullet aimed at Kobeni. Akane sacrifices a nail to summon the tail of a serpent demon, but Kobeni dodges it and runs towards the serpent demon. Katana man begins to shoot her, but she approaches and cuts off her arm.Kobeni then takes a gun and shoots Katanaman in the back.Akane then pulls Katana man into the van and leaves with him. Kobeni hugs Denji and apologises for trying to kill him last time.

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Makima, Michiko and Yutaro arrive in Tokyo and meet Madoka at the station. Makima is happy that he is alive and asks him how many survivors. Madoka explains that Special Teams 1, 2, 3, and 4 were attacked and nearly everyone was killed. Madoka was ordered by his superiors that due to lack of personnel, the four Special Teams would merge into one, and the Tokyo Special Team 4 would now be under Makima’s control. Madoka then gives her a letter, saying she’s resigning, saying that she turned sinister in the Special Department and either resigned or died. Before Makima left, Madoka wanted to ask him one last question and how she planned it. 

Makima said that she was unable to discuss internal public safety issues with civilians and thanked him for his service. Yutaro and Michiko say that they are not here to join his department and are only there as advisors and will return to Kyoto in a week. Makima says it’s a shame because there are so many great restaurants in Tokyo.

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