Chainsaw Man Anime episode 7 overview

Denji pulls his cord and jumps towards the Eternity Devil. He fights him, slashing and cutting everything he could see, but he also receives injuries from the devil.

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The creator of the Japanese anime series Chainsaw Man is Tatsuki Fujimoto. “Chainsaw Man ” by Tatsuki Fujimoto has recently become one of the most popular manga. It has been serialised in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since July December 3 2018. The protagonist of this story is Denji, A Boy has been reborn as some kind of weird Devil-Human hybrid. He is now a Chainsaw Man!. Recently this series has started becoming very popular.

Chainsaw Man Episode 7 : The Taste of a Kiss

Denji pulls his cord and jumps towards the Eternity Devil. He fights him, slashing and cutting everything he could see, but he also receives injuries from the devil, who adds that it’s pointless to cut him as his heart isn’t there. Power adds that if Denji keeps losing blood, his chainsaw will retract.Seeing Denji’s crazy fight, Himeno recalls conversation with Kishibe at Sahara’s grave.

Then, Himeno asked Aki if he wanted to become a civilian Demon Hunter with her. She explained that she had received a good offer and that they were able to keep their lifestyle. Himeno is sure that if Aki fights Gun Devil, he will die, because he is cool, gentle and normal like everyone else.

The Eternity Demon defeats Denji, believing he has won. Himeno pulls the string with the spirit’s demonic arm. Denji stands up and she says she has an idea. If he continues to chop him up and drink his blood, it’s perpetual displacement.Seeing Denji’s sanity, Himeno begins to believe he can kill the Gun devil. The Eternity Demon reveals its weakness and says it is his heart and asks Denji to kill it as he can’t take the pain anymore. .

Devil Hunter leaves the hotel. Denji has a piece of Gundevil. She feels fine and she eventually finds that she has fallen, but she is caught by Himeno and has fallen asleep. Himeno explains that he will take Aki and Denji to the hospital and have Kobeni and Hiroka reported to Sector.

Himeno later speaks with Aki about throwing a newbie welcome party. She explains that Division 4 has never met before and that they can use this opportunity to bond. Division 4 gets together for a drink. Aki observes that Fushi did not bring his Fiend, but Fushi claims that it is not as rational as Power. Denji recalls Himeno’s promised kiss and says she will give him one when she is a little more drunk. The newcomers introduce themselves, and Denji reveals that he is 16 years old and enjoys eating and sleeping. Denji notices that he and Aki have the same devil contract, and Aki explains that the Fox Devil is friendly with humans and has many contracts with Devil Hunters.

Himeno claims that Denji will not die because he is awaiting a kiss from her. Another member explains that Himeno has kissed everyone except the newbies and that she will definitely kiss them as well. Denji is ecstatic because he knows he will be kissed. Makima arrives and overhears Denji, wondering if he will kiss anyone. Then Denji denies it. Himeno then wonders if he still wants her kiss, but Denji says he does. Makima promises to tell him if he can outdrink her. Himeno decides to join them, and the three of them begin to drink beer after beer.

One of the members is impressed by Power’s ability to control her violent impulses. Powers claims this is due to her extremely high IQ. The member is surprised, and she wonders what her IQ is. Fushi has a high IQ, which the member reveals is 134. Power then mentions that her IQ is 500 or 1000. Himeno then turns around and begins kissing Denji. He becomes excited when he feels her tongue, but then he feels something else. He then notices Himeno throwing up in his mouth. Everyone notices them and begins to laugh.

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Denji has a habit of swallowing anything with nutrition in it, which is how he ended up swallowing the vomit. Denji is puking in the restroom. Hirokazu is assisting him and observes that he is good at assisting because his mother got drunk every day after work. He envies Denji because, unlike him, Hirokazu has no talent for devil hunting.

Himeno drives Denji home after the meeting because he is unable to walk. He eventually starts having nighttime thirst. Himeno lays on him and uses her mouth to feed him alcohol. She questions whether she brought Denji here and why he is there. Denji is queasy and ill. Himeno surmises that he adores Makima. He and Aki liking Makima irritates her. She then tells him they should do it as she lies next to him.

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