Chainsaw Man Anime episode 12 overview

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The creator of the Japanese anime series Chainsaw Man is Tatsuki Fujimoto. “Chainsaw Man ” by Tatsuki Fujimoto has recently become one of the most popular manga. It has been serialised in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since July December 3 2018. The protagonist of this story is Denji, A Boy has been reborn as some kind of weird Devil-Human hybrid. He is now a Chainsaw Man!. Recently this series has started becoming very popular. Chainsaw Man Anime episode 12 overview

Chainsaw Man Episode 12 : Katana vs. Chainsaw

The Ghost Devil thinks back to a moment when he was dining with Himeno while he torments Aki. Aki finally agrees to a cigarette as she tries to make him smoke, but remarks that she did a horrible job because it was only a little smoke. Himeno gives back her cigarette after realising that he is a minor and knows why he isn’t allowed to smoke. When he is an adult and in need of a stress reliever, she promises to retain it and give it to him then.

Ghost Devil releases Aki. it extends one of its hands and gives him a cigarette. Aki takes the cigarette and sees “easy revenge” written on it. Aki then puts the cigarette in his pocket. He stands up and takes his sword and walks towards the devil. He recalls that Himeno told him that since Ghost Devil doesn’t have eyes and it can see only fear. He gets on the devil and prepares to cut its head. He tells Himeno that he will soon join her and then cuts off the Ghost Devil’s head. Akane is surprised. She starts calling the Snake Devil, but stops as Kobeni puts her knife to her throat, however, Aki tells Kobeni to not kill Akane. Aki then asks Kobeni why she remained in Public Safety and Kobeni explains that they will soon be getting bonus payments.

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Denji thinks it disgusting to witness Power chewing a zombie’s limb in the elevator. According to Power, all meat is the same, including hog, beef, and people. The two are eager to start a battle as Denji disagrees. Denji explains that their task is to apprehend the Katana Man, and that it would be best if Power didn’t consume him. When the elevator’s doors finally open on the seventh floor, they are met by a crowd of zombies. Power is advised not to make loud noises by Denji because the zombies haven’t noticed them. Power grinned and yelled her name at the undead, inviting them to a fight. As the elevator door closes, Power instructs Denji to follow her and protect her back. Denji chooses to stay in the elevator, leaving Power to battle the zombies by herself. Power battles the zombies in the hope that Denji is supporting her and will one day reveal just how strong she is.

When the doors open on the thirteenth floor, Denji is greeted by Katana Man and two of his soldiers. Speaking out, Katana Man says they are prepared to give up depending on Denji’s disposition. He reveals that they want Denji to pay for killing his grandfather and his men’s pals. According to Denji, he did it because they turned into zombies. Even if it were true, Katana Man argues that they were once humans and asks if Denji feels bad about killing them. Denji, however, denies this. Then, Katana Man says that although Akane had made certain alterations to him and replaced his heart with the Katana Devil, he was unable to sleep because of a zombie he had unintentionally slain. Denji lost his human heart, in his opinion, and should be put to death if he still has any remaining human conscience. Denji gives the offer some thought before rejecting it. Katana Man declares he will kill him after becoming enraged, and they both change.

Denji is attacked by Katana Man, and they both fall from the building and land on the nearby building’s roof. They continue to fight on other rooftops until Denji is knocked to the ground by the train. Jumping on it as well, Katana Man remarks that Denji has gotten faster and questions why he is fighting. Denji claims it’s to preserve the life he currently leads. They continue fighting until they tumble into the train, which stops as a result of the disturbance they produce. Denji observes Katana Man adopting a position and notices a woman standing close to him. Denji’s arm is slashed when he tries to halt the Katana Man, but the latter doesn’t relent. He then strikes Denji’s other arm while adopting the same stance. Denji is then told that he is unable to fight by Katana Man, who also begs him to confess to killing his grandfather before he dies. Denji gets to his feet and declares that even with a chainsaw on his head, he can still fight. He charges Katana Man, who retakes his position, and the two trade blows. Denji is then asked by Katana Man if his grandfather did not teach him when to give up. Denji’s head chainsaw malfunctions at the exact moment. He requests that he apologise to his grandfather once more. Denji claims that while aiming for his head was expected, it was foolish. At that moment, Katana Man splits in two. Katana Man then divides into two. Denji then queries Katana Man as to whether or not he was taught by his grandfather that a beast should never trust a hunter. Denji reveals he turned his right leg into a chainsaw as Katana Man is split in two by his loss.

Soon after waking up, Katana Man discovers that he is fastened to the train with a chain from a chainsaw. Denji continues by saying that Katana Man is similar to him and that he changed back into one piece when he removed his katana. Denji says he needs to wait until the cops arrive, but he has a grievance. There is now one fewer attractive female in the world as a result of Himeno’s murder. But he won’t look back on his time behind bars. Denji thinks that’s not right, but Katana Man tells him he can’t change anything because he is Public Safety’s dog. After some consideration, Denji announces he will host a competition. When Aki arrives, she questions what he means by a competition. Aki describes their location and informs the others that Katana Man has been subdued. Aki is asked by Denji whether he wants to take part in his grand tournament. Denji explains that they should administer nut shots to Himeno because Katana Man shot Himeno. They will each take turns hitting his balls, and the person who makes him scream the loudest before the police arrive wins. They should arrest him, not torture him to feel better, says Aki, as doing so won’t make Himeno happy. Aki pulls out the cigarette he received from Ghost Devil and gives it a quick glance. He asks Denji what he will receive if he wins after putting it back in his pocket. Denji claims that he will obtain his balls naturally. They approach Katana Man, who can’t believe it and orders them to stop. The two then begin kicking Katana Man as they try to hear Himeno over their tribute for her.

According to Makima, Akane Sawatari, a former civilian devil hunter, was the mastermind behind the terrorist attack. She agreed to a deal with Gun Devil and gave the yakuza firearms. The yakuza responded by explaining that Akane desired the Chainsaw Devil’s heart. Her superior questions her motives for wanting his heart. Before they could understand, the Snake Devil killed Akane, according to Makima. Her agreement with the Gun Devil and her involuntary suicide was most likely the cause. In addition, they took 1.4 kilograms (kg) of flesh from a Gun Devil from the structure. When they joined that with the 5 kilograms they already had, a new, substantial chunk of flesh began to migrate toward the Gun Devil itself. Then, Makima’s superior questions were.

Later, after dinner, Aki goes outside to smoke on his balcony. He pulls out a cigarette, which turns out to be the one that says “easy revenger.” After giving it a brief glance, he lights it and smokes it. Denji imagines himself as a young person in a dark alley. He turns toward a door that he notices. He observes that he has had several dreams about this, but he always forgets the dream afterward. He wants to open the door so that he can re-touch Pochita after hearing his voice from behind it. He is stopped by Pochita, who warns him not to ever open the door. A woman queries if Denji favours city mice or country mice.

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