Chainsaw Man Anime episode 10 overview

A Boy has been reborn as some kind of weird Devil-Human hybrid. He is now a Chainsaw Man!

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The creator of the Japanese anime series Chainsaw Man is Tatsuki Fujimoto. “Chainsaw Man ” by Tatsuki Fujimoto has recently become one of the most popular manga. It has been serialised in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump since July December 3 2018. The protagonist of this story is Denji, A Boy has been reborn as some kind of weird Devil-Human hybrid. He is now a Chainsaw Man!. Recently this series has started becoming very popular. Chainsaw Man Anime episode 10 overview

Chainsaw Man Episode 10 : Bruised & Battered

When Aki wakes up in a hospital bed, he sees Denji and Power sitting next to him reading a manga.Power sees Denji eating an apple and tells him to eat it. Denji refuses to give it to her, stating that she ran away and didn’t deserve it. Aki doesn’t believe her and they continue to fight. Aki asks her who survived from Division 4, and Denji reveals that Kobeni and the man with glasses survived, but he quits. explains that Makima will call him and Power and they will break up with Aki. Before leaving, Denji took a basket of apples, but decided to leave one for Aki.Aki then took a sword and asked the Curse Demon how many more years he had left, and the curse Aki’s demon says she has two years left. Aki smokes cigarettes and when she uses a lighter, she starts crying when she remembers Himeno.

Denji forgets the manga and goes back to retrieve it, only to find Aki crying.He lost many friends, including Himeno, so he understands why. , wonders why he’s not crying for Himeno. She was sad when Pochita died. Himeno offers to be her friend first, but he has no sympathy for her. Denji wonders if Power will cry when he dies, but doubts he won’t cry, either for her sake or for Aki’s sake. , suspects that if she dies, he will feel depressed for a few days, but then continues his happy life. I decided not to take it seriously. After Denji and Power leave, Michiko and Yuutarou visit Aki and introduce themselves as advisors who have come at Makima’s request.

Denji and Power meet Makima at the graveyard. She tells them that the incident at the hotel and the recent attacks proved they were targeting Denji. Denji wonders if Makima will train her. Kishibe then asks Denji and Power how they felt when their teammates died and if they want revenge. Denji and Power state that they don’t think much about it and aren’t interested in revenge.He tells Makima to go as training will begin. Kishibe states that he is a Devil Hunter in Division 1 and they can call him a master.He likes sake, women, and demon extermination. He hugs them and breaks his neck to immobilise them. They have the same body as humans, but he explains that they can be healed by drinking blood.After giving them blood, they were healed, Denji wonders why he did that I think.

Kishibe explains that Makima asked him to train. For some reason, Gundevil is aiming for Denji’s heart, and Makima worries that Denji is weak. He trained humans, but now he must train demons. Drunk, he had an idea. Since he is the strongest devil hunter, the demon king who defeats him must also be the strongest. He continues to pursue Denji and Power until they defeat him. Denji and Power think he is crazy, but when Kishibe approaches them, Power creates a Blood Hammer and gives it to Denji. However, in a fraction of a second, Kishibe stabbed Denji multiple times and slit Power’s throat. He always wants unbreakable toys and tries to turn them into the best.

At the hospital, Aki tries to call the fox demon, but he doesn’t show up. Yutaro says it’s because he turned to his bad side by misusing his demonic powers. Yutaro also says that he can use the Escape Devil a few more times. Later on, Aki realises why they are there and the two explain that they are doing career coaching, explaining that Aki is in charge after the incident. If he wants to continue, so be it, but he needs to prepare more and make a deal with a stronger demon. Aki says that the person who killed her family and friends is still alive and cannot be stopped. Then a woman comes in and surprises Aki.

At dark, Kishibe tells a devastated Denji and Power that he is leaving and will meet her at their place tomorrow. Realising that his brain is broken again, Power begins punching him in the head, telling him to come back. Denji came to his senses and asked Power how many times he had been killed today. Her powers are at least 20 times she estimates, but she lost her consciousness after him as well, so we don’t know exactly. Back home, Denji is not happy with this kind of life. Power suggests they escape, but Denji says that public safety will hunt them down if they do. Denji is puzzled by Kishibe’s strength. Power then tells her he has an idea. She says they should use their brains to fight him because his brain is rotting due to alcohol. Denji likes the idea and wants to be like the smarter characters in the manga.The two then decide to kill him with their intellect, as they feel that he has already become smarter.

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The next day, Power and Denji wear glasses to look smart and wait for Kishibe. When he arrives, Power and Denji begin a super-cunning manoeuvre just before the door opens, Power throws a blood spear through the door, but Kishibe dodges. Kishibe breaks all the spears and Denji comes out from the upper floors and tries to hit them with an ax, but Kishibe quickly Kishibe said that this was their best effort and that they should use their heads more. They failed for two reasons. The force consumed too much blood, causing her anemia.And secondly, Denji was unable to anticipate Kishibe’s attack. Kishibe then congratulates them on what they tried, adding that they are done for today.Denji tells Power about it and she feels happy. As Denji tried to get up, Kishibe threw a knife at his head, stating that prey should not trust hunters.

Michiko and Yutaro take Aki to a special facility, explaining that contracting with a powerful demon means that the contract must also be brutal. They pass several cells and Yutaro explains that this is a place where public security keeps the demons they caught. Yutaro later recalled seeing the girl enter Aki’s room after them and wondered if she was his girlfriend. Aki explained that it was his teammate’s sister. Yutaro wonders if she hit Aki. Aki denies this and explains that she gave him the letters his sister sent him and she thinks Aki should read them too. Reading them, Aki saw that Himeno was wondering how to make Aki stop. They take him to cell 108, noting that they want Aki to make a pact with the demon within, the Devil of the Future. He reveals that the two have a contract with him. One gives him half a life span, while the other gives him eyes, taste and smell. Aki then enters the cell and confronts the Devil of the Future.

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