CERBERUS Esports Valorant Owner, Country, Roster, History, Achievements, Net Worth

CERBERUS Esports is a Vietnamese esports organization which entered VALORANT in August 2020. They has been a stalwart in the elite echelons of the Vietnamese scene for a long time, consistently qualifying for the VCT Southeast Asia Challengers Playoffs in both the second and third editions. CERBERUS Esports have already secured their spot in the Global Championship 2022, where they will compete against 15 other teams from eight different countries. CERBERUS Esports is ranked #82 in the CQ-Esports Valorant Ranking having CQ.Score = 1468. Over the last month the team has played 7 matches, won 5 of them and climbed 181 positions in the ranking. CERBERUS’s last 10 matches win rate is 70.00 %. They are sponsored by many famous global and local companies. Some of them include GEAR.VN, Acer Predator, SteelSeries, BOO and POPSEsportsVN.

Team and Roster

On August 13th 2020, CERBERUS Esports decided to enter VALORANT with a roster consisting of Imcarnus, Pain, atLG, Kishi, and Huyhart. The team has completely changed from the time of origin and have given some great talent to the community. They have always tried to find the perfect combination and are always looking to improve their team with fresh talent and young energetic players. The latest addition to the team is Redneval who was signed in October 2021. Kishi is the only OG player currently playing for the team.

Active Roster

IGNNameJoin Date
KishiNgô Trường Huy13-08-2020
Lok1Nguyễn Trung Tín15-01-2021
AkashiChâu Hoàn Thiện Nhân01-04-2021
DaicuteNguyễn Anh Minh Thông01-04-2021
SukaNguyễn Văn Tiến23-04-2021
RednevalLê Quốc Khánh04-10-2021


2022-03-219th – 12thVCT 2022: APAC Stage 1 Challengers$5,000
2022-02-271stVCT 2022: Vietnam Stage 1 Challengers$8,767
2021-11-212ndSynnex FPT Gaming Tournament$662
2021-08-207th – 8thVCT 2021: Southeast Asia Stage 3 Challengers Playoffs$5,000
2021-07-251stVCT 2021: Vietnam Stage 3 Challengers 2$4,363
2021-07-113rdVCT 2021: Vietnam Stage 3 Challengers 1$435
2021-06-132ndSteelSeries Prime Tournament$218
2021-05-019th – 10thVCT 2021: Southeast Asia Stage 2 Challengers Finals$1,500
2021-04-251stVCT 2021: Vietnam Stage 2 Challengers$8,695
2020-09-207th – 8thArena Of Masters$173

Net Worth

Majorly in Valorant, team CERBERUS earns from the tournament prize pools, and the total earnings till date are approximately $34,930. Also, there are various brand endorsements and the value is not disclosed by the organization.

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