Catalyst Black: Important characters coming to the game

Catalyst Black has been available to players in Early Access since August 2020, but the game will soon have a full launch.

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Catalyst Black has been available to players in Early Access since August 2020, but the game will soon have a full launch. Players can now pre-register for the game on their iOS and Android devices. By doing so, they will get a notification when the game goes live, so they can pick their favorite character and jump into battle.

Characters coming to Catalyst Black


It is a Primal that is aggressive. His powers include Leap Slam, Breath of Rage, and Primal Roar. The first one is a ground slam that damages nearby foes, while the second one sends out a frontal beam of energy to deal damage. Primal Roar makes the character grow stronger and faster.

Characters will come with a basic attack, and this character’s basic is Slash. Sunder will use his claws to strike his victims fueled by his Primal aggression.

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Nock is a Primal that players can find in children’s stories within the Catalyst Black lore. Zoom is its main attack. This sees the character dash forward and hit opponents with its incredible speed.

Faster!, Poof!, and Watch This! are the character’s three powers. All of them are speed-based. Faster! has two actions. It sets opponents on fire and takes up Nock’s overall speed.

Poof! is for teleportation. Nock is sent to a specified location nearby enemies during the transportation process. This is a good move to deal damage. The final power sends a huge area of effect fireball at enemies. It explodes, dealing a lot of damage to anyone within the blast zone.


Jainx’s primary attack is called Violent Pierce. He comes equipped with a spear that he thrusts forward, attacking anyone that comes in front of him. He also comes with the powers Savage Charge, Corral, and Dread.

Savage Charge makes him collide with an opponent, dragging them wherever he moves. Corral also moves enemies and pulls them in the center of the AOE, and injures them. Dread restores the character’s health after draining it from enemies.

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